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Montreal may be relatively small compared to your average global metropolis, but this hidden treasure still has plenty of things to do. One of the cultural jewels in Canada’s crown, it’s filled to the brim with fun days out and fabulous places to go, which is why it’s the perfect spot to spend a rainy day.

An all-weather delight, it has dozens of great destinations to discover, from museums to art galleries, bars, and gastronomic treats galore. So, want to know where to go when the skies are grey and the great outdoors is off limits? Here are four of our favourite ways to spend the day…

Visit the greenhouses at Montreal Botanical Garden


We know, we know, gardens and grey skies don’t usually go hand in hand, but believe us when we say that Montreal Botanical Garden has plenty to offer on a rainy day. Besides its beautiful themed outdoor areas, it also has ten exhibition greenhouses, which are balmy and bright all year round. Our favourite of these is the tropical rainforest, which offers a dazzling collection of blooms to discover. Gathered from all across the globe, these offer a view that you won’t find anywhere else on earth, as well as lots of interesting facts to educate you on their unique environmental value and the risks they face.

Explore Montreal Insectarium


Located next to the Botanical Garden is a second great place to go when the weather is against you: Montreal Insectarium. Housed in a former velodrome, which was constructed to host the 1976 Olympics, the site gives visitors the chance to walk through replicas of four amazing ecosystems found in the Americas. Devised to teach children and adults alike all about the wonderful world of insects, it features species from across the globe, and is one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions. From butterflies to bees to ants, you’re sure to be enchanted by its many marvellous exhibits.

Have a flutter at Montreal Casino 


If you fancy something that’s a little less wholesome but still an awful lot of fun, Montreal Casino is another option to add to your itinerary. Located on Notre Dame Island, it is the largest casino in the entirety of Canada, and offers a level of luxury and decadence most people can only dream of. If you can’t quite bring yourself to throw your chips in with the rich and the moneyed who spend their days there, pay a visit to one of its exquisite eateries instead. It’s possible to use a no-deposit bonus via this link once you get back to your hotel, to roll the dice in a slightly less high-pressure environment!

Take a trip to Notre-Dame Basilica 


If history and culture are your poisons, we have just the ticket: Notre-Dame Basilica. The perfect place to spend a rainy day, this beautiful building can be found in Old Montreal, at the corner of Saint Sulpice Street. Built in the Gothic Revival style, the highly decorated church is a delight for the devout and the non-believer alike, with its brightly coloured vaults and sanctuary being especially noteworthy. Don’t forget to take a look at its stained glass windows too, which depict many exquisitely illustrated scenes from the city’s long history.

Tell us, where will you visit first?

Photos courtesy of Espace pour la vie, Montreal Casino, and Pixabay user @bewtenant_dan

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