Written by Kevin Horng on 02.06.15

Atelier New Regime x MURAL Festival

Local Montreal based street wear brand New Regime will be producing a variety of unique and creative installations including activities such as an exclusive pop up shop, art exhibitions, group workouts, and much more… This will be coinciding with MURAL Festival, which they have been a part of over the past years.

Atelier New Regime x MURAL Festival (1)

This year, Atelier New Regime and its creative collective will join MURAL Festival by presenting an art gallery type concept store that combines art, music, and fashion. Their main ideology behind their brand is not only the threads that they sell but also the end game user experience. Emphasis on the quality of the product, packaging, and presentation of their products add a level of satisfaction and uniqueness to both the retailer and the consumers. Atelier New Regime is a lifestyle.

Atelier New Regime x MURAL Festival (2)

Another aspect they always strive to incorporate is the art in their brand. New Regime’s collective of creative minds aim to express themselves through the outlet of fashion. ANR’s lifestyle looks to urban culture, arts, and creativity. From a concept store to an athletics club, New Regime pushes the boundaries when it comes to being just a clothing brand.

Be sure to checkout their installations during MURAL Festival.

3527 Boul St-Laurent Montréal, QC H2X 2T6

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