Written by Jenn Ruvo on 15.03.16

With so many pilates studios in the city, it can be difficult to choose the right one, but what if we told you that there is only one studio in Montreal that teaches classical pilates and it’s amazing! If you’re not familiar with classical pilates, don’t worry, neither were we until we were introduced to Contrology, a fully-equipped classical pilates studio and wellness boutique.

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Classical pilates follows the traditional method created by Joseph Pilates, which was initially invented for rehabilitation and physical therapy. While studios have now evolved their teaching methods, co-owner of Contrology and classical teacher, Lorraine Kelley Michael, sticks to Joseph’s original creation with the attempt to make the session a total mind and body workout.

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Contrology is a family run business, perfectly located on the quaint Greene Avenue in Westmount. Upon entrance, you will find a cute boutique carrying a London-based active and everyday clothing collection called Wellicious, exclusive to Contrology in Canada. Wellicious offers sustainable and eco-friendly clothing made from natural materials, a brand that is consistent with Contrology’s own pure values.

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Take a few more steps in and you will be fascinated by the classical equipment that lies ahead: artisan crafted reformers, tower units, and traditional mats all neatly aligned.

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Celebrities often praise pilates for their perfectly sculpted abs and toned arms, but Lorraine taught us that classical pilates has plenty other benefits than just an A-list body. While we enjoyed an optimum workout where movements transitioned from one exercise to another (yes, that means no breaks), we also learned great posture and proper breathing while increasing core strength, flexibility, and mobility.

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When you’ve had a long day at work and going to the gym feels like just another chore on the list, consider Contrology. A session here will actually make you feel relaxed and euphoric. Classical pilates is as amazing for the mind as it is for the body. While you are focused on increasing body awareness, you are freeing yourself from all the stresses and tensions you may have had walking into the class.

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Pilates is certainly not just a celebrity fad, it’s a permanent life changer! A session with Lorraine at Contrology will keep you focused, challenged, and feeling uplifted while walking out the door.

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1373 Avenue Greene, Westmount, QC H3Z 2A9
(514) 937-5505

Photos courtesy of Contrology.

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