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In terms of employment, Canada boasts the third-largest video game industry on the planet, behind the United States and Japan. In 2015, video gaming generated almost $3 billion in added value to the Canadian GDP and there is no doubt that Montreal is fast-becoming one of the nation’s gaming hubs.

Almost a third (29%) of all Canadian game studios are located in Quebec and it is, therefore, no surprise that Montreal plays host to an increasing number of eSports events throughout the calendar year.

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Earlier this month, DreamHack Canada was hosted in Montreal, with at least four major eSports titles being played live in front of a packed audience of gaming fanatics. DreamHack championships were held across leading gaming titles such as Astro, StarCraft 2, Hearthstone, Smash, and Street Fighter V.

Not only do video games enthusiasts get to watch the best players in the world do battle, DreamHack events encourage visitors to participate in the LAN party, meet their favourite personalities and gamers from the world of eSports streaming on Twitch and YouTube, as well as dabble in retro gaming on consoles such as the Atari 2600, the Sega Master System, and SNES.

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However, it’s not just video gaming that Montreal is excelling in; the city now plays host to one of the major annual events on the World Poker Tour scene. The World Poker Tour Montreal tournament is to be held at the Playground Poker Club on November 10th as part of the venue’s festival of poker. With a buy-in of $3,850 (CAD), the WPT Montreal event attracts many of the world’s biggest names in professional poker, cementing the city as one of the homes for poker in Canada and North America.

There is also another form of gambling action that’s taking Montreal and the rest of Canada by storm – online lottery betting. Across Europe, betting on the lottery online has captured the imagination of millions. In fact, online lottery action is reportedly closing the gap in revenues with its offline counterpart. Lottoland is a company that’s significant in this regard, enabling its customers to participate in lottery draws anywhere in the world rather than being restricted to the lotteries within their own country.

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Last year, global lottery sales grew by 8%, thanks in no small part to the industry’s successful move into the digital marketplace. In 2015, more than half of all Americans played some kind of lottery game and Lottoland’s acceptance of Canada-based players now makes it possible to play Powerball in Canada and be in with a chance of winning the biggest lotteries in the U.S.

With online lottery betting, players never receive a physical lotto ticket. Instead, they bet on which numbers will be drawn and, if they choose the winning numbers, they win the same amount as the lottery jackpot. That’s because world-leading insurers are pairing up with companies such as Lottoland to take the hit should any of their customers win.

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As Montreal remains at the forefront of Canadian video gaming while dipping its toe into iGaming, it’s an exciting time for online entertainment in Quebec’s fine city.

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