Written by Gianna Zappitelli on 22.07.15

When you first walk into Salon Daomé, it can easily be mistaken for a trendy living room with its loft-like space, comfy couches, and the big gold Buddha statue in the corner. But once the flaming shots begin to rise and the DJ turns up the volume to some funky house beats, you quickly realize that this no hipster’s apartment, but rather the unique and upbeat club known as Salon Daomé. This house music club has made its way to the top of the list of trendy spots in Montreal, without the generic fist bumpin’ and bottle poppin’ mentality. Located in the heart of the Plateau, Salon Daomé is genuine fun without the hassle of long lines and the triple digit bill at the end of the night.

Photo: IG user @davebng

What’s in a name like Daomé? This lounge’s name comes from an ancestral place in Africa. Not only is its name rooted in African history, but its décor keeps with the tribal vibe. African masks make up much of the lounge’s decorative fashion, while its red, gold, and beige walls keep the vibe very local and familiar. This hotspot has more of a lounge feel, where you’ll feel like you’ve entered a house party rather than an actual club. The atmosphere is comfortable, relaxed, yet very eclectic. With its funky leopard-print leather sofas, large wooden-sculpted chairs, you just can’t enough of this remarkable establishment.

Photo: IG user @itschadlyons

Setting aside its exceptional décor, the underground and easygoing ambience makes the diverse range of electronic music that much greater. Salon Daomé invites various DJs to spin wicked beats for its clientele, so that no type of music goes unnoticed. Whether you’re into tribal funk or heavy disco, this nightspot covers all musical grounds. We’ve got tele-electro-phunk Tuesdays, Oasis Wednesdays, while Fridays and Saturdays are filled with deep house beats. Numerous international DJs have come to leave their mark, making Salon a big attraction for a wide variety of Montreal electronic enthusiasts over the last 9 years. Open six nights a week, Daomé is a true Montreal gem, welcome to all those who are down for a groovy good time, no matter what day of the week it is!

Photo: IG user @natasha_duchn

Go check out their Facebook and Twitter pages to keep up with which DJs are spinning when, so you’ll never miss a beat!

141 Avenue du Mont-Royal E, Montréal, QC H2T 1N9
(514) 982-7070

Photos courtesy of Salon Daomé (unless otherwise indicated). Featured image by Instagram user @larsen514.

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