Written by Jonathan Brouillette on 13.06.17

Beer: that thing that has only recently come back into style with the advent of microbreweries and artisanal brewers. For those who appreciate beer, it comes as a very profound realization that Montreal is extremely lucky in its beer choices. Dark, light, bitter, smooth, or so carbonated that your nose tingles. It doesn’t matter what you like, someone in or around Montreal is brewing it. And so, when a festival comes around that introduces us to the heroes of beer from all over the world, we would be a fool to pass up such a divine opportunity. Welcome to Montreal’s 24th annual Mondial de la Biere.

beer festival mondial de la biere montreal

This year’s iteration of the Mondial de la Biere will be held at Palais des Congrès, including its outside terraces, from June 14th to the 18th. While entry is free, the beer will be bought through a coupon system with each beer costing a set amount of coupons per 2 ounces. Coupons are $1 each and you can charge up as much as you want on your coupon card.

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In all, 90 breweries from around the world will be showing off 468 beers and another 60 beer-like products: think meads and ciders. 38 of those breweries are from Quebec so make sure to come and support your favourites. Perhaps Mile End’s Dieu du Ciel is your favorite, or Farnham’s self-named Farnham Ale & Lager, or even Joliette’s Microbrasserie Alchimiste? It doesn’t matter as they will all be there to compensate for all that running and exercise you’ve been doing now that summer is here.

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As part of the event, there are Flavour Outings, where local restaurants join in the festival by creating beer-based dishes. With nearly 30 restaurants around the city participating, including Bier Markt, Pub Brewskey, and Toqué!, you are sure to find somewhere to try some beer food. This is just one of the multitudes of beer-related events.

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There will be multiple seminars and talks about everything beer including one on how to get your own little home brewery started! One of the more exciting events is the Off Mondial where brewers around the city hold their own events in coordination with the festival. This can be anything from specially brewed beer tastings to DJ nights or Pub Quizzes.

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There is a lot to cover for Montreal’s 24th Mondial de la Biere because there are just so many festivities planned. After last week’s Grand Prix where we downed cocktail after cocktail and danced the night away, perhaps it’s time to take a week to relax with one of the 468 beers available from around the world and some beer inspired cooking. Don’t forget to take your souvenir glass; chances are you’ll be going back each year to get another one!

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Photos by Olivier Bourget.

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