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Did you know that the sound we hear dinosaurs make in movies is one we have completely made up because there was nobody around to actually hear them roar? Or that the Tyrannosaurus Rex lived closer to us than it did to the triceratops? Dinosaurs are an unending source of fascination, with research being carried out around the world on all aspects of prehistoric life. Given the popularity of dinosaurs, it’s no surprise that events and pop culture experiences are drawing from our distant ancestors to engage with people.

Montreal has its fair share of dinosaur fans, that’s why a Jurassic Park-themed event is coming to the city in 2019 – and why even more spots in the city are dedicated to the fascinating prehistoric creatures.

Jurassic Park in Concert

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Montreal is hosting Jurassic Park in Concert at the Place des Arts in March 2019, which will feature the film played in HD with a symphony orchestra playing John Williams’s soundtrack alongside it. The soundtrack, since its inception in 1993, has gained huge popularity – with some even choosing to use the main theme as a wedding march. Accompanying such an epic film as Jurassic Park with the startling soundtrack by John Williams, they hope to evoke the feelings that one might have as they cast eyes on a dinosaur for the first time, and mimic the very scene in the film where this happens. Reshowing the film some 25 years after its release shows the enduring love we have for the subject of dinosaurs.

Dino-Soaring Popularity

Part of the excitement of dinosaurs is the fact that we still don’t know all there is to know about them. The mystery allows for artistic licence to create such dinosaur experiences across the board with Jurassic Park and The Land Before Time depicting the same topic. Disney borrowed the theme of dinosaurs for their 2015’s flick The Good Dinosaur, while UK natural historian David Attenborough hosted a virtual walking with dinosaurs experience with the BBC. Dinosaurs have also become fodder for online casino titles, with slot games using graphics and audio to bring dinosaurs into the traditional gameplay. Studio Wildcard developed ARK: Survival Evolved, which merges a classic survival adventure game with living with dinosaurs.

Walking with Dinosaurs

Due to the extensive study around the prehistoric period, dinosaurs are often the focus of exhibits and museum special pieces. The Redpath Museum has an extensive range of natural history exhibits, which feature the bones of a Gorgosaurus. The Montreal Museum of Archaeology and History also features exhibits that hark back to our distant past, helping explain how some of the dinosaur findings have come to be. The ability to investigate what we’ve come to learn about the prehistoric ages comes hand in hand with the interest piqued to be able to do so, showing how popular dinosaurs are.

Despite going extinct 65 million years ago, dinosaurs are still all the rage and will no doubt continue to gain popularity due to the inherent interest that is created whenever something is dinosaur-themed. Dinosaur museums and exhibits are also a pull with tourists, helping our city’s local economy, and dinosaur-themed movies and games are usually a hit.

Montrealers may never know exactly what the dinosaurs sounded like, but the fun is in seeing how people interpret it.

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