Written by Dahlia Merlo on 30.08.16

It’s the Hamburgler’s favourite time of year: Le Burger Week! Taking place in Montreal from September 1st to September 7th (as well as in Quebec City, Toronto, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Vancouver, and Port-au-Prince, Haiti – for those of you not lucky enough to live in our fair city), this year promises to be bigger and better than ever!

Le Burger Week has two exciting partnerships this year! The first is with Budweiser, with a few participating restaurants offering deals on Budweiser as a combo with their Burger Week burger.

MisterSteer le burger week montreal 2016

Their second partnership is with Ace Bakery. Some participating restaurants will be featuring Ace Bakery burger buns with their specialty burgers, elevating their burgers with premium quality bread.

And if you don’t feel like leaving the house, but you’re really craving a burger, Just Eat is offering 20% off Le Burger Week burgers on September 4th. You can have your burger in the comfort of your own home, and save a few bucks!

BatonRouge le burger week montreal 2016

In the spirit of friendly competition, Le Burger Week founders Thierry Rassam and Na’eem Adam encourage burger aficionados to vote for their favourite burger, with various prizes to be awarded at the end of the festival. You know what that means: you can’t just eat one burger to be an effective judge. A burger a night sounds reasonable…

Now, what are some of the showcased burgers? What can you expect from this year’s Le Burger Week? Well, we did the hard work for you and chose our top 10 burgers (in no particular order). Make sure to wipe up that pool of drool off your chin once you’re done.

1. Le Gourmet Burger‘s PK Burger: crispy, cheesy, savoury pancakes sandwiching a charcoal grilled beef patty, topped with maple onion confit and cheddar cheese.

Le Gourmet Burger le burger week montreal 2016

2. Dirty Dogs‘ Mac Attack: Dirty Dogs 1/4lb beef patty, topped with their famous homemade 4-Cheese Mac & Cheese, smoked crispy bacon, and green onions served on their signature bun.

Dirty Dogs le burger week montreal 2016

3. Le Gras Dur‘s Bacon Wrapped Ceeseburger: certified Angus beef burger patty, cheddar, mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, and Bretzel bread – all wrapped in bacon.

Le Gras Dur le burger week montreal 2016

4. Griffintown Café‘s Espresso Burger: Griffintown burger (1/2 beef, 1⁄4 lamb, 1⁄4 duck), complete with an espresso and dark chocolate glaze, with blue cheese and maple syrup bacon.

5. Copper Branch‘s Grand Sumac: 100% plant-powered burger made with beet, carrot, Sumac slaw, coconut bacon, tomato, lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, and pesto mayo served on organic kamut, gluten-free, or collard wrap.

Copper Branch le burger week montreal 2016

6. Macbar et Fromage‘s Big Fat Greek Burger: seasoned ground beef, seared hot Saganaki cheese, topped with lettuce, fresh tomato, red onions, and homemade tzatziki sauce, all served on an olive oil and oregano bun.

7. Burgundy Lion‘s The Fish Burger: fried cod, brioche bun, classic tartare sauce, lettuce, tomato, and American Cheese.

Burgundy Lion le Burger week montreal 2016

8. Bar Terrasse La Cabane du Portugal’s Tour de Belem Burger: blend of minced Angus beef and chorizo patty, garnished with bacon, a fried egg, piri-piri mayo, dill pickles, lettuce, and tomatoes.

Cabane du Portugal le burger week montreal 2016

9. Pub Bishop and Bagg‘s McDirtyBird All-Star Deluxe: grilled beef patty with mushrooms and melted cheddar on top, stacked with bacon, BBQ pulled pork, fried chicken, dill pickles, poblano mayonnaise, served on a butter-toasted bun with a side of aioli potatoes.

Bishop&Bagg Le Burger Week Montreal 2016

10. Ôzeu et O’Boeuf‘s Wagyu Burger: Wagyu beef, bone marrow sauce, gruyere cheese, caramelized onions, sea salt, fried shitake mushrooms with garlic confit on brioche bread.

We may have chosen some of the most gluttonous burgers on a list of many, but isn’t that what Le Burger Week is all about? Gluttonous indulgence. You can hit the gym next week.

Photos by Olya Krasavina.

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