Written by Jonathan Brouillette on 04.12.15

Going out is fun. Many of us have those hazy nights full of indistinct laughter, rhythmic dancing, and occasional kisses out of nowhere. The only problem with these is the day after, when the sun is too bright, your stomach is too heavy, and the world seems to somehow be set on a semicircle axis. If you know what we mean, then you also know that getting to the couch is an achievement, and moving past it, an impossibility. But, that doesn’t necessarily stop us from eating. In fact, beneath those dark sunglasses, you may be eyeing your phone at pictures of your favourite hangover meals. Well now that Hurrier is here, you only need to make it to the door to enjoy them. Plus if you make it all the way down, we have a surprise for you!

Brigade Pizzeria’s Prosciutto and Arugula Pizza


Pizza is the classic order-in food. Unfortunately, it’s generally greasy, deeply cheesy, and wholly too much to handle during a hangover. Luckily, Brigade Pizzeria has its Prosciutto and Arugula pizza ($13.45) available to deliver now. A virgin olive oil covered dough is a great way to soak up any leftover alcohol. Furthermore, the freshly cut Italian prosciutto, aside from being delicious, has more than enough salt to sustain you for the day. Finally, a touch of arugula will give a slight peppery tinge that wakes up your taste buds, but not at the expense of your fragile stomach.

Get prosciutto & arugula pizza delivered straight to your door with Hurrier.

Copper Branch’s Aztec Bowl


Perhaps you are one of those people who never get queasy, whose stomach is lined with steel. What you need for a hangover, in that case, is pure energy. Copper Branch has you covered with its energizing bowls, namely, the Aztec Bowl ($11.99). Filled with sweet potatoes, corn, mango, lettuce, black beans, beets, and chickpeas, it will have you bouncing off the walls in no time. The bowl is especially nice with a little sour cream to liven up the deeply earthy and sometimes bitter bites. If you really do have an iron stomach, why not add some jalapeños and make it a little spicy too? This masterpiece of vegetable meddles is easily delivered to your door.

Get an Aztec bowl delivered straight to your door with Hurrier.

Sushimono’s Sushi Deluxe


Another sensible alternative to the hangover meal is some quick and easy sushi. Don’t order anything too exotic or heavy, just deliciously simple rice wine vinegar soaked rice, a little vegetable, and some tender fish. It has plenty of energy and you only need to eat enough to recover, not the typical amount that leaves you wondering how sushi is so damn filling. So get a combo, like the Sushi Deluxe from Sushimono. It’s a perfectly varied set of seventeen sushi, which will leave you with some leftover for a snack later in the day. Enjoy Sushimono’s creative and varied rolls like the Paradis which pairs red tuna and shrimp with creamy avocado, crunchy tempura, and tangy shallots. The best part is, once again, you don’t need to move more muscles than it takes to pick up the phone.

Get your sushi delivered straight to your door with Hurrier.

ChuChai’s Pad Thai


One of our personal hangover cure favourites is pad thai. It has noodles, it’s salty, and it’s a little sweet. Plus, as total fans of spicy food, pad thai can hit that craving while still keeping us balanced from the night before. Unfortunately, there are not very many pad thais that deliver. With that in mind, we are very excited to order straight to our door ChuChai’s vegan pad thai with delicious duck. Faux duck, that is. But if anyone can make faux meat taste delicious, it’s ChuChai. Vegans and carnivores swear by it.

Get ChuChai’s pad thai delivered straight to your door with Hurrier.

Ferrari Restaurant’s Butter and Cheese Fettuccini

Ferrari Restaurant Montreal

When your leaden stomach rises from the bed, it will no doubt crave sustenance. Carbohydrates are certainly a good idea, but something light, so as not to upset the fragile balance your body has found between total destruction and precarious functionality. Ferrari’s simple butter and cheese pasta is a sure winner. Perfectly cooked al-dente noodles (fettuccini is a winner in our book) with a touch of butter and a hint of parmesan is just what the doctor ordered. Just enough butter and cheese to give great flavour while not enough to wonder why you ever drink at all. Best of all, you don’t need to leave the couch to get it.

Get butter & cheese fettuccini delivered straight to your door with Hurrier.

No matter if your hangover cure is pizza, pasta, an aztec bowl, or even sushi, it can now find its way to you, curled up on the couch and regretting all your bad decisions from the night before. This is all made possible by a new service, Hurrier, which allows Uber-like messengers to pick up your food and deliver it to you with very small transport costs. If you’re interested, you can use the service or even become a hurrier yourself with their very streamlined website. As a gift, we’re offering you $10 off your first order! Simply use our promo code “MONTREALL”!

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