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Settling into a new city is not always easy, but the advent of mobile apps is helping to make things better for new and existing residents of Montreal. Our city is undoubtedly the most fascinating and eclectic city in the country, with distinctive neighbourhoods and attractions to explore. All of this is made easier with the following apps for your smartphone and tablet devices:

If you’re living on one side of town and you’re planning on working in another, as a newbie to Montreal, you’ll want to know the easiest way to negotiate your way to work each morning. Transit Montreal is a bible for many commuters and holidaymakers in Montreal, accurately displaying up-to-the-minute schedules of trains, buses, and subways across our fine city. There’s even a really cool ‘Nearby’ function which enables you to find your nearest train, bus, or subway stop with the use of your mobile’s GPS. With Transit Montreal, you’ll never be late again for work!

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Are you a travelling freelancer that’s stopping by in Montreal for a short while? Or perhaps you need to send an urgent email on the move? Either way, Get a Free Wifi is a very handy mobile app, designed to help you find the closest free Wi-Fi connectivity to your location without having to spend bucks on a Starbucks!

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For those that like to have their finger in every possible pie in Montreal, Montreal CityMinute app is the perfect app for you. The Montreal CityMinute reviews on iTunes indicate the app itself has a somewhat outdated design but features news on everything that’s happening right at this very minute in the city. From news and entertainment to traffic and weather, you can feel like a real local even if you’re just visiting – a great way to get under the skin of life in the world’s largest francophone city outside of Paris.

There’s a distinct misconception that gaming is the preserve of teenagers and students. Today, mobile apps have made it easier for grown-ups to relive their childhood too. Adults who enjoy a dabble in the Montreal casinos can also have a flutter on their smartphone when commuting to and from work thanks to the pioneering technology adopted by the iGaming industry. A quick glance at a Leo Vegas review, for instance, shows that the leading online casinos for Canada-based players are developing apps for both Android and iPhone users.

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The vibrant, multicultural city that Montreal is means that there is such a great choice of food and drink on offer. Whether you’ve been busy sightseeing all day or you’ve been in back-to-back meetings all day in the office and need some evening sustenance, the tuango app streamlines all the best daily food deals across the city at the touch of a button. Think of it a little bit like Groupon for foodies – you can grab amazing discounts on food that you may never have tried before – from Asian comfort food to grilled cheeses. Variety is the spice of life in Montreal and with, tuango, you can make that well and truly happen!

The mobile-first culture is undoubtedly making it easier for the people of Montreal to get in tune with the city and enjoy life to the fullest.

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