Written by Jonathan Brouillette on 13.12.16

Winter brings a special kind of night. The type of night where a light fog makes every light glow and a ceiling of clouds makes the entire world seem cozy. That kind of night requires a fireplace, a good strong drink, and a blanket on the couch. Short of that, you need some comfort food: a good poutine with sausage, some serious fried chicken, or a pulled pork sandwich. That is exactly what the Jerry Ferrer gave us on a particularly cozy Thursday night.


The new Montreal based chain has been opening new spots all over the place. The third south shore spot to open was in the heart of the South Shore between Brossard and Longueil. Unlike other spots, its decoration was carefully planned out and maximized the smaller space. Wooden walls, slanted mirrors, and comfy benches make the spot not only seem bigger but invite the hungry traveler to sit a while and chat.


In a family style, take-what-you-can-get opening, a thousand people were invited to the event, which had the entire Jerry Ferrer family welcoming each person.


The food was predictably comforting. Giant hot dogs gave a heartiness you just don’t get from a tiny Belle Province hot dog. The earthy truffle infused poutine ($9.50) that Jerry Ferrer is becoming known for was another welcome edition on the fall night. Add to that some slices of that already delicious giant beef dog and you’ve already got a respectable meal.


There were also chicken fingers with some delicious sauces which are all usually on their crispy chicken burger ($15.50). Everything we would expect from a diner but with that finer edge of taste. This, of course, meant that the burger “Le Fromager”, was also a cut above, available with brie, blue cheese, or if you must… cheddar ($13.50).


All in all, the launch of yet another location for Jerry Ferrer marks a season of unprecedented expansion for this restaurant chain. Soon, they will be so commonplace that speaking of them will be like speaking of McDonald’s… with the obvious difference of Jerry Ferrer serving delicious, hearty, upper class diner food and McDonald’s serving… umm. We’ll let you insert your own adjectives there.


Check out their Montreal locations in Quartier des Spectacles and on St Laurent and Sherbrooke. Jerry Ferrer for all!


3139 Boulevard Taschereau, Greenfield Park, QC J4V 2H2
(450) 812-3139

Photos by Jerry Ferrer.

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