Written by Jonathan Naccache on 07.04.14

Let’s be clear on one thing: yes, you can surf real waves in Montreal. No, this is not indoor surfing. Montreal offers several locations that allow surf lovers to master their favourite sport. River surfing is no easy task, with waves going up to 2 meters high! These waves are literally endless, forming a permanent curl even the pros foam at the mouth for. You must be a skilled and experienced swimmer. If you’ve surfed before, be aware that river surfing is a completely different experience! Here are 3 spots where you can surf in and around Montreal (videos below!). Make sure to check weather conditions and water levels before trying anything. Information is readily available online for each location. Lessons are also given in Montreal, here’s one of the best schools we’ve found called KSF!

La Vague a Guy (Beginner)

Habitat 67 (Expert)

Chambly (Expert)

Big Joe (Expert)

Here’s what ideal river surfing looks like:

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