Written by Jenn Ruvo on 24.11.16

Station 16 Gallery presents the first-ever solo exhibition in Canada of Eleutheria by Brazilian street artist Luis Seven Martins (aka L7M). The inaugural Canadian exhibition will run from November 17th until December 10th.


Eleutheria, an Ancient Greek term for liberty, showcases works that represent both Canadian and Brazilian birds, and plays on the dichotomy of birds that have been caged and then set free. All the works found in the exhibition depict birds in dynamic states of flight: a hopeful celebration of freedom. While the works by the utterly talented L7M are moving on their own, the life-size cage in the gallery adds to the experience.


You will quickly notice L7M’s unique approach to street art, fusing graffiti with abstract art and nature. His murals can be found around the world, and lucky for us his mesmerizing artwork has finally made a presence in Montreal. In addition to the exhibition, L7M recently created a mural at Être Avec Toi (Ê.A.T) Restaurant, located in the W Hotel, in celebration of their one year anniversary. So even after December 10th, we’ll be able to enjoy L7M‘s work in Montreal, with a simple visit to the W Hotel.


Leaving his mark on the Main, L7M is currently working on Le Mini (the small mural above Station 16 Gallery), bringing colour to the street just in time for our white winter.


This exhibit is definitely one you should make time to go see, as the colours and spirit of freedom will absolutely liven up the bleak winter months ahead.


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Photos by Caps Lock Manny.

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