Written by Dahlia Merlo on 10.01.18

Buonanotte decided to change its look after being open for 25 years. In December, major renovations were done to give the supper club a fabulous new look. As if this place could look any more luxe!

buonanotte montreal supperclub Raphael Mitchell 1

The dining room has been completely remodelled with more banquettes to give a cozier and warmer ambiance. The design is a little more retro, with incredible lighting and pastel colours all over.

buonanotte montreal supperclub Raphael Mitchell 2

Not only did the décor get a face lift, but so did the kitchen! New executive chef Joseph Alexandre Awad created a menu that is classic Italian. He wanted the menu to reflect delicious and savoury dishes with few ingredients, a simplicity at the base of classical Italian cuisine. Bonus: they’ll be using local and Italian-imported ingredients based on the season.

buonanotte montreal supperclub 2

We attended their decadent unveiling soirée and the place looks amazing. They put out all the stops to show off their new look. Champagne was poured from a giant champagne glass, complete with burlesque-like pouring. Guests dressed up for the occasion, but no one looked as good as Buonanotte itself.

buonanotte montreal supperclub 3

We got to try a few delicious morsels of food, like their heavenly porchetta sandwich, filled with juicy meat on a simple bun. The cavatelli was mouth-watering, cooked perfectly al dente. We’ll take an extra large plate, thanks!

buonanotte montreal supperclub Raphael Mitchell 4

Check out Buonanotte’s new look and listen to the new resident DJ Donald Lauture spin every Saturday. They’ve been open since 1991, so you know they’re definitely doing something right!

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3518 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, QC H2X 2V2
(514) 848-0644

Photos by Raphael Mitchell and Buonanotte.

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