Written by Gemma Cocomello on 21.06.17

Just when you thought Old Montreal couldn’t get any better and have more fabulous restaurants: there’s a new kid on the block and its name is Aloha Espresso Bar. Continuing in the trend of themed cafes, restaurants, and bars, this super cute establishment’s name says it all; its theme is beautiful Hawaii! And what better time than the present do Montrealers need to be surrounded by lively colour and décor, even if it’s for a few moments.

Aloha Espresso Bar Chalkboard 4

Aloha Espresso Bar really takes their theme seriously. The moment you walk in your eyes are treated to pretty colours, visions of tropical flowers, and Hawaii’s native (and everyone’s) favourite fruit: pineapples! An automatic mood booster, especially on gloomy days.

aloha espresso bar montreal coffee cafe 2

Aloha is very small and quaint with a welcoming and smiling staff ready to serve you with all of your gluttonous desires. If we all worked in a brightly coloured and tropical themed office, we’d all be in a great mood.

Aloha Espresso Bar Capuccino

Open since April 2017, Aloha Espresso Bar has everything you need for whatever your cravings may be. Grab a delicious sandwich (around $10) made with homemade focaccia bread, or a hearty pre-work breakfast (between $3-$9) to fuel you up for the day.

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For you health nuts out there, Aloha also has tasty acai bowls (around $11) with a wide variety of fillings and toppings. It wouldn’t be Hawaiian themed without the latest popular dish that’s trending all over everyone’s social media feed: they just started serving up poke bowls!

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Should you not be hungry, Aloha Bar has a great selection of caffeinated and non-caffeinated drinks. Depending on the size and what your poison is, they cost anywhere from $2.25 for a shot of espresso to $5.25 for a large mocha. Order a Hawaiian roasted coffee (yup! from Hawaii!) or an Ethiopian blend.

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Whether it’s to grab a quick beverage or to relax and have deep conversations with friends (or yourself), Aloha is an awesome place for a mental timeout.

Aloha Espresso Bar Chalkboard 3

Bonus: the location is perfect! Right on Old Port’s famous De La Commune street and across from the Centres de Sciences. Escape adult-ing, the horrible weather, and even more horrible bad news in the media and come check out Aloha Espresso Bar for yourself.

aloha espresso bar montreal coffee cafe

15 de la Commune St W, Montreal, QC H2Y 2C6
(514) 303-7788

Photos by Aloha Espresso Bar, Gemma Cocomello (@a_broads_life), and Dahlia Merlo (@dahllii).

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