Written by Erica Spina on 03.02.14

Cirque du Soleil is one of the most notorious circus troupes around the world, and guess what, they’re from Montreal! It’s understandable then that each year the team at Cirque du Soleil bring us Montrealers a series of shows worthy of our city. This winter season, Cirque du Soleil presented VAREKAI, a production that’s been touring the world since 2002. The show had returned to Montreal with a few improvements such as a new act and a new cast of 50 performers. The word Varekai comes from the Romany language meaning “Wherever”, which is the theme of the show. The acts depict a character on an adventure to a place where anything is possible, a journey that leads the characters wherever it may. The tale of the show revolves around Greek mythology, more specifically the story of Icarus, whose wings melted off after flying too close to the sun.

     While the show had its beautiful moments through the aerial performances of Icarus and its performers, it’s the well-known circus-signature clowns and other characters, interacting and playing tricks on the audience and on each other, that truly delighted the audience. Montreal hosted VAREKAI at the Bell Center from December 20th to December 30th 2013. The show typically lasts about 90 minutes, not including intermission. Tickets ranged between $62 and $190.75 for adults and began at $48 for children. Cirque du Soleil always puts a performance you will remember, and VAREKAI didn’t fall short of that.

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