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Montreal fashion speaks once again. On September 24th, 2015, Views for Change (VFC) launched its very first clothing collection at the Main’s new trending party destination, École Privée. The exclusive affair boasted delectable treats from SuWu, a touch of cocktail chemistry from Juicyyy Lab, and some serious style.

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For their first campaign and company launch, VFC partnered up with Plan Canada, a global movement for change, mobilizing millions of people around the world to support social justice for children in developing countries.

We had the pleasure of speaking with the woman behind Montreal’s latest style movement, VFC’S head designer and creator, Sabrina Silvano. Here’s what she had to say about herself, her brand, and the future of fashion.

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How did you get into fashion?

I’m a law student, I have absolutely no background in fashion, but I’ve always had a true passion for it. When the idea of launching the company came along, it was a way to tackle an old dream of mine. Being part of the fashion world has been such a learning experience for me and I love every minute of it.

Tell us a bit more about your brand. What inspired you to create Views For Change? 

Views for Change is streetwear for a cause. Every piece of clothing is made to create a change. I’ve always loved doing charity work, but I always thought it was a shame that no organization allows you to volunteer for the benefit of more than one cause. I decided to start the company, not only to be able to express my love for fashion, but also to be able to create such a system. That is why Views for Change works on yearly campaigns that benefit a different cause each year.

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What was the inspiration behind your brand name and what key messages do you wish to communicate through your brand?

I thought of the name Views for Change before I even knew what the company would turn out to be. Our intention is to have as many people find out about the brand, be a part of it, wear it, talk about it, and therefore create the biggest change possible. It’s all about using society to create a significant change for those in need. 

You decided to give your brand a voice. How do you want men and women alike to wear your pieces?

My ideal is for men and women to wear the brand and talk about it with their friends, who will then talk about it with their friends, etc. I want children, teens, and adults to wear the brand. I believe that anyone who supports us is an important voice and represents the face of our brand.

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What type of fabrics do you use to create your garments?

All of our pieces are made of 100% cotton, except for our “Change Something” crewneck, which is made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester.

What were your inspirations for your latest designs?

The inspiration behind my collection was minimalism, using simple words that mean a lot. I love having people interpret the meaning behind the one word used on a shirt in their own way.

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This was your first campaign and company launch in collaboration with Plan Canada. Were you pleased with the results?

Yes, I was very pleased. Working with Plan Canada is a dream come true in itself, but having individuals find interest in the cause and the clothing is also extremely gratifying.

What’s next for Views for Change? Do you already have your next campaign in mind? 

I wouldn’t want to reveal too many secrets too soon… But I will say that we have some very exciting projects coming in the next few months. You can always follow us on Instagram @viewsforchange to stay up-to-date with all things VFC.

Yes, I do have some ideas for next year’s campaign; however, my main priority is this year’s collaboration with Plan. I want to make sure they are pleased with the results of this campaign and that we were able to create a significant change for them.

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What are your plans for the future as a fashion designer? 

Create, produce, and expand Views for Change as much as I can. 

In recent years, we’ve seen a surge in the number of designers who have turned to fashion as a means of cultural expression, incorporating various fashion statements involving racism, women’s rights etc. How do you think fashion has evolved and what consequences do you predict?

I believe that fashion is evolving with society. Our generation is one of communication and we often turn to social media for anything that interests us. Fashion follows in these footsteps and I think it’s fantastic. We look up to designers and fashion ambassadors and how they raise awareness for causes; it’s a great way to obtain the necessary help. In my opinion, using a platform for the greater good is a beautiful thing. I think fashion will continue to evolve in that direction over the next years and I cannot wait to see it happen.

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