Written by Julia D'Adamo on 05.04.17

Are you a lover of all things cheesy? MLT DWN, our favorite spot for gourmet grilled cheese in the heart of the Plateau, is now introducing their brand new Burger Bar. In addition to their grilled cheese, cheesy fries, and saucy poutines, you can now get your hands on some delicious cheese burgers.


The restaurant boasts every combination of grilled cheese you could think of. Starting at a base price of just $5.25, you can create your custom grilled cheese to have it just the way you like it. Pick your bread, pick your cheese, and pick your toppings. If you want to venture into their Signature Sandwiches, they have delicious readymade combinations with a variety of themes.

MLTDWN Menu montreal grilled cheese restaurant new burger bar

To our bellies’ pleasure, we got to sample a couple of the tastiest items on the menu. The first grilled cheese we tried was a Greek-themed sandwich. It was loaded with cheese, tomatoes, olive tapenade, and oozing with tzatziki sauce. We also tried another Mexican variation on the grilled cheese. This one was stuffed with juicy pulled pork and spicy jalapeño cheese, and topped with creamy avocado sauce. The last grilled cheese we tried appeals to the inner-child in everyone. A grilled cheese stuffed with KRAFT DINNER!! It was absolutely delicious.

mltdwn new burger bar grilled cheese montreal restaurant (3)

Of course, with the new opening of their Burger Bar, we had to try the cheese burgers. The beef was SO juicy and savoury, the sauce creamy and flavourful, and the vegetables fresh and bright. As for the cheese, we expected nothing less than perfect cheesiness from MLT DWN, and we got it. Seriously, delicious burgers. On the side, we indulged in their cheesy waffle fries. Waffles fries? Great. But CHEESY waffles fries? Even better.

MLTDWN Mini Cheeseburger montreal grilled cheese restaurant new burger bar

We love food. Scratch that, we REALLY love food. But what’s a good meal without some good drinks? Thankfully, MLT DWN has got you covered. We tried a fresh take on the classic gin and juice, a gin and Orangina concoction that was both fresh and citrusy, perfect for spring. We also tried their homemade raspberry lemonade and vodka. The raspberry lemonade was so tasty, and the bright blue sugar around the rim was beyond cute. Best part? Mixed drinks are only $5. With that price, we dare you to try and stop at just one.

MLTDWN Drinks montreal grilled cheese restaurant new burger bar

Finally, cheese and desserts were two words we never thought we would be saying together. MLT DWN proved us wrong with their cheesecake stuffed grilled cheese. We LOVE cheesecake, and we LOVE grilled cheese, so can you guess what we thought of this peculiar dessert? It was heaven. Cheesecake and homemade raspberry spread stuffed in between two slabs of French toast. We were absolutely full by the end of the evening, but next time we’re DYING to try their Smores sandwich.

MLTDWN Cheesecake Grilled Cheese montreal grilled cheese restaurant new burger bar

All in all, it was a night full of cheesy delight. So when the craving strikes for ooey, gooey, cheesy goodness, make your way to MLT DWN and you will certainly be satisfied.

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837 Mont-Royal Ave E, Montreal, QC H2J 1W9
(514) 524-0822

Photos by Julia D’Adamo (@montr.eat.all) and MLT DWN.

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