Written by Dara Larocque on 15.04.15

Montreal knows a thing or two about fashion, and Hamza Mejri’s collection of stunning images are a testament to the exceptional designers and multicultural influences of the city. Originally from Tunisia, Mejri came to Montreal several years ago in order to follow his passion of becoming a fashion photographer. His work for this exhibition showcases 40 images of different styles of dresses for different events, lifestyles, and cultures. Being a unique garment that covers the body, Mejri was inspired by this versatile piece of clothing and its purpose throughout history.

The Dress Montreal Exhibit (7)

The incredible black and white images line the walls of Hotel ALT’s penthouse cocktail room as a first view of the final collection of images. By taking such a simple article of clothing that transcends race and culture, Mejri’s work not only demonstrates the beauty of the dress itself, but the unique and fundamental nature of clothing as expression throughout history. Later this summer, the exhibition will be held in New York; this first show was just a taste of the wonderful talent that is Hamza Mejri.

The Dress Montreal Exhibit (2)

Mejri uses models, singers, designers, dancers, and television personalities to represent the garment in its function which in turn helps represent the beauty in their purpose. Hamza’s work in black and white beautifully portrays the different dresses equally, allowing for the images and models to each articulate their specific garment in their own way. The images are fashion forward as well as evocative; a visual feast for fashion lovers. If you don’t know Hamza Mejri yet, he is one photographer to look out for.

For more information about Hamza Mejri’s work or to purchase any of the images, please visit the Salon de Peintures website.

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