Written by Sabrina Bertolo on 23.08.14

While it seems as though everyone and their mother are still riding the cupcake train, you (and your mother) need to hop off and get right on the doughnut train. First stop: Les Beignes Saint Donut.

Rachel Corber, a St. Pius X Culinary graduate, opened her first business under the name Jane Donut in 2009 and then switched it to Saint Donut in 2011. Working out of the Biarritz kitchen on St Laurent, Corber whips up the most delectable doughnut dough you will ever taste.

Despite not having a storefront of her own (which is currently in the works) Saint Donut supplies mouthwatering, non-conventional doughnut flavors to gourmet cafés across the city. While these cafés don’t sell Saint Donut doughnuts on a daily basis, the most popular and frequent selling cafés include: Café Myriade, Café Differance, Caffè Art Java, and Café Plume. Also, you can personally order a batch for an upcoming event or celebration that is sure to wow your guests (order by email: [email protected]).

The ever changing and eccentric flavours include: Cookies and cream, raspberry lemonade, banana cinnamon, green tea ginger, apple peanut butter, chocolate corn nut cinnamon, coffee and cream, blueberry orange, chocolate chip (chocolate glaze with crumbled chips on top), creamsicle, earl grey dark chocolate, and many, many more.

Corber’s inspiration for her wacky and scrumptious flavors include, but are not limited to, different cultures, cocktails, ice cream flavours, and chocolate bars.

Les Beignes Saint Donut truly raises doughnuts to an art form status of desserts. Don’t waste another second and hurry to the closest location so you can devour these devilishly delicious treats!

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