Written by Vanessa Perri on 13.12.17

Some may think of Bord’Elle and only associate it to Montreal’s eclectic nightlife. While the boutique bar and eatery has become a staple in Montreal’s clubbing scene since their opening, it has also developed a visually appealing and mouthwatering menu that can cater to all tastes. We had a first-hand tasting of several dishes by MasterChef Dino Luciano and Bord’Elle’s Executive Chef Andrew Bajjani and we couldn’t wait to share our experience!

A Trendy and Pleasing Culinary Experience

BordElle Montreal-Three-Part Entree

Bord’Elle’s dinner menu was designed with an Asian-French-Mediterranean inspiration. First up was the Spicy Caesar salad. While the eatery’s menu has several, diverse entrées, the Spicy Cesar is definitely your go-to when you’re feeling a little undecided. You can’t go wrong with its dry aged prosciutto, Parmesan chips, bocconcini, and sambal caper mayo. Next up was the tasting of three more entrées: a Roasted Trio of Beets, which included chicory, goat cream cheese, rice honey emulsion, and pistachios, a Vegan Scallops dish, which had of king eryngii mushroom, chicory, sweet potato puree, wasabi cream, and parsnips, and Truffle Beef Tartare, which was made up of filet mignon, parmesan chips, gherkin, French shallots, and white truffle mayo. It’s safe to say that Bord’Elle’s entrées menu is a culinary experience in and of itself.

BordElle Montreal-Solo Hawk Dish

Next on the menu were three main courses, which are all easily sharable for those that like to get a little taste of everything when they’re out for dinner. First up was the delicious Scorpion poké Bowl—which seems to be the craze at the moment. Its ingredients included poached Canadian lobster tail, red tuna poké, avocado, pineapple, pickled ginger, and spicy mayo. Next on the menu was the Braised Short Rib dish that was made up of Yukon gold mashed potato, king eryngii mushrooms, and asparagus, which all left us wanting more. To finish off our rich and diverse culinary experience, we were served the extremely tender and mouthwatering Solo Hawk dish, which included a 24 oz. rib eye steak, asparagus, sweet potato puree, shiitake, and demi-glace.

BordElle Montreal-Scorpion Bowl

Lastly, there is always room for dessert! Bord’Elle’s dessert menu includes four types of desserts and we had the chance to taste two of them: the Pavlova Flambé, which had strawberry crumble, berry jam, and bourbon flambé and the Fleur-de-sel Au Caramel Brownie that was made up of caramel mascarpone, blackened fleur de sel, and gold dust, all in a premium chocolate brownie.

BordElle Montreal-2 Desserts

If all of the dishes mentioned don’t have you booking your next dinner party at Bord’Elle, we don’t know what will.

Delicious Cocktails in a 1920s Atmosphere

BordElle Montreal-Grand Foyer

While Bord’Elle offers an extensive wine list and bottle menu, we also suggest trying their original cocktails. Our top recommendation is a cocktail loved by many: the Melon Man.

BordElle Montreal-Aerialist Show

For those that may not already know, the Bord’Elle experience also includes enjoying a Gatsby-themed location with its regular aerialists and burlesque shows. An era that none of us had the chance to experience has been brought to us by the owner of Bord’Elle. We believe that there is no other spot in Montreal that can offer everything Bord’Elle has to offer its clients. From their Grand Foyer, to their Whiskey Parlor and Champagne Lounge, every piece of furniture and decor has been carefully picked and thought out to simply offer the best.

BordElle Montreal-Melon Man Cocktail

As owner John Jay Gumbley mentioned in his speech to us, what started out as a club, whose dinner menu consisted of “crackers and cucumbers,” has become a staple in Montreal’s nightlife scene as well as its food industry. A lot can happen in one year!

BordElle Montreal-Burlesque Girls

Photos by Ed Yao.

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