Written by Dara Larocque on 20.07.15

Our city is bursting with talent, from fashion to design and everything in between. Montreal is definitely a city devoted to all forms of art. With such a colourful background, it’s no wonder Montreal produces some of the most interesting artists. With a unique mix of styles and influences, if art is something you like, our city is the place to be. Mimmo Scali is one such artist that brings his unique vision and style to both the gallery and the street and quite frankly anywhere you want it! We were able to catch up with Mimmo and get to know a little bit more about his very unique and very Montrealais artwork.

Mimmo Scali Montreal Artist (15)

When did you discover your love of painting?

I always enjoyed painting, ever since I was a child . But I mainly started it professionally 4 years ago.

Would you say painting is your favourite medium?

Yes, painting is one of my favourite mediums, it’s the best way I can express myself.

Do you see yourself moving into another medium sometime? Sculpting, performance art, film, or photography?

I would like to step foot either into photography or film!

Mimmo Scali Montreal Artist (16)

On your webpage with Galerie 203, you claim that you’re open to putting your work on various surfaces, articles, and some uncommon places! For you, is art something that should transgress the boundaries of the canvas?

Art is anything you create. I like to create it on different surfaces: plates, pillows, bags, wood canvas, or clothes.

The style of your work blends a great number of influences; how do you relate to pop art and street art?

You can say my work is pop or street but at the end of the day, it’s modern contemporary, or, as some people like to say: it’s very “MIMMO.”

Have you ever or would you ever consider the ‘street’ (walls, murals, public spaces) a place for your art?

I would only do street murals or art in public spaces if there is a good loving message behind it.

Mimmo Scali Montreal Artist (1)

What role does popular culture, fashion, and film play in influencing your work?

I started off being hugely influenced by film, fashion, photography, literature, and culture from the past, the 20’s to late 80’s. But now I find influence anywhere I can find beauty, or with anything that catches my eye.

Where can we buy/see your work?

My work is online, on Facebook as Iartmimmo, and on Instagram as @iartmimmo. I’m currently working on my web page iartmimmo.com. You can also see my work displayed around the city at Club Nesta, Sofa design, Resto San Marzinano, and Amnesia clothing store, to name a few. You can also visit my atelier at 10043 rue Mirabeau, and it’s welcome to the public!

Mimmo Scali Montreal Artist (13)

What inspires you the most to create? Do you have any muses?

Actors and actresses from the early days, like Sofia Loren, James Dean, Princess Diana, the Kennedy family, I love Lucy, and models of early issues of Vogue. Like I said before, anything or anyone that catches my eye.

How has the city of Montreal served to inspire you and influence you as an artist?

Montreal is a beautiful city. Just walking down the street or by the river and finding little spots that no one else has. Sitting in a cafe and reflecting is also wonderful. This city gives out great energy and inspires me to do so much.

You can see or buy Mimmo’s work at Galerie 203 and @iartmimmo on Instagram.

Photos courtesy of Mimmo Scali.

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