Written by Julia D'Adamo on 25.07.17

Summer in Montreal will forever conjure up images of swimming pools, backyard barbecues, and fabulous festivals. For us, one of our favourite things about summer is exploring new places to try for drinks on a nice summer’s night. Mayfair, the most luxurious cocktail bar in the plateau, has just launched their brand new drink menu and the drinks are absolutely amazing. Whether it be for a trendy date night or an evening on the town with your friends, Mayfair’s new drinks will have you getting your booze on all summer long.

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One of the most unique things about Mayfair is their chic Victorian ambiance. The cocktail bar is strewn with ornate lamps and chandeliers that look like they were imported from the home of a lavish English Aristocrat. The refined British theme also trails into the cocktail and food menus, with the majority of their drinks being creatively infused with tea. When the DJ spins on Thursday to Saturday nights, the deep house-y vibes create the most eclectic contrast with the delicate Victorian décor, giving Mayfair an interestingly unique esthetic.

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May we go right ahead and say that Mayfair’s new cocktails are out of this world? They have the most beautiful presentation along with Victorian names to make you feel like you’re sipping some boozy tea fit for a queen. Each cocktail rings in at around $11.

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The first cocktail we tried was the Tipsy Tea. This drink has a base of Beefeater Dry Gin, and is mixed with lemon juice, grapefruit and blood orange syrup, camomile tea bitters, and topped with soda. This drink is also mixed with pink Redbull to help give it its electric color. One of our favourite things about Mayfair’s drinks is their presentation, and this bright red drink was garnished with a slice of candied grapefruit and a cinnamon rim to add just the right amount of flair.

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Next, we tried the Black Dahlia– the mysterious name drew us right in. This drink has a base of Jameson Black Whiskey and St-Germain. The whiskey taste is strong, so if you’re a whiskey fanatic we definitely recommend this drink. The Black Dahlia also contains fresh lime juice and apple juice, tea and rhubarb bitters, buckwheat honey, and egg whites. Our favourite part of this drink was the egg white foam: it was so fresh and different! Of course, in true Mayfair fashion, the drink was garnished with a single elegant purple flower- a perfect fit for a Victorian lady.

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For round two- because of course there was a round two- we ordered the Aviator and Noble Intentions. The Aviator is another one of Mayfair’s new gin-based drinks. This time, the bitterness of the gin is perfectly balanced by the sweetness of the maraschino cherry liqueur. This fun pink drink is also composed of fresh lemon, Kusmi violet tea syrup, and blue butterfly flower extract. Even the ingredients sound pretty! The Noble Intentions is a Hendrick’s gin-based drink mixed with fresh lemon, pomegranate and white hibiscus tea syrup, and bergamot liqueur. Noble Intentions comprises a fair amount of cider for the cider enthusiasts as well. This cocktail was citrusy and sweet, and very refreshing for summer. Of course, the fruity presentation of both drinks was entirely on point.

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No night out is complete without some good food to help soak up the booze! We had some delicious oysters that were served with two red wine vinaigrettes that complimented them perfectly. A must-try on the menu are the Tea Sandwiches filled with cucumber, caviar, and smoked salmon, because what better to have with spiked tea than some posh tea sandwiches? The Nutella fondue also makes for a phenomenal dessert.

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Mayfair is the perfect spot to sip on some (very) boozy tea all summer long. Grab your mates and let’s get sipping!

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451 Rue Rachel E, Montréal, QC H2J 2H2
(514) 647-4055

Photos by Julia D’Adamo (@montr.eat.all) and Mayfair.

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