Written by Gianna Zappitelli on 03.04.15

Montreal has always been known for setting the bar high when it comes to parties and nightlife. We have been known around the world for our wild clubs, chill out lounges, and authentic bars and pubs, and now, more than ever, we are recognized for our after-hours scene. Yes, we are talking about the infamous ((Stereo)) nightclub, located in the heart of the gay village, where the party only starts at 3:00am.

First opened in 1998 by Brooklyn-born, DJ/producer Angel Moraes, Stereo was modelled after the legendary Paradise Garage after hours club (the Studio 54 of underground night clubbing). Moraes realized that our little part of the world should house his after hours club after he attended a show in the city and saw how seriously Montrealers took their underground music.

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Not only is Stereo’s aesthetic features modelled after Paradise Garage, but so is its philosophy and motto towards house music. Moraes designed a unique and powerful sound system, which is now one of the main reasons Stereo is rated the #1 after hours in North America and visited so frequently by world renowned DJs.

The vibe at Stereo is nothing you’ve ever experienced before. The room itself is strategically built for dancing: the inside walls are three feet away from the opposite ones, custom-made to be a “box in a box” for top notch, acoustic perfection. The dance floor sits right on top of shock absorbers to make your legs last much longer than you ever could on a regular dance floor.

When we asked some Stereo-lovers how they felt about the venue, they responded with such passionate devotion towards the club. Those who frequent the club often are people who truly enjoy the purest form of dancing; they describe it as a safe haven where they can dance, mindlessly, with no restrictions from any outside factors. The dark walls are a little intimidating when you walk in for the first time. But once you begin to allow that strong, crisp beat fill your body from your ears to your toes, you realize how easy it is to just let go and dance with everyone around you.

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There are negative stereotypes about after hours that create a stigma towards going to places like Stereo.  But the only way to enjoy this type of scene is by completely setting any biases aside and taking it for what is: a place that was literally made to dance your heart out. It’s definitely something everyone should try at least once, with a judgement-free outlook and an openness towards music. You are sure to have an amazing time.

Check out their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see which cool DJ’s are coming this month and to keep up to date with news and special events.

58 Rue Sainte-Catherine E, Montréal, QC H2L 2E3
(514) 658-2646

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