Written by Lexa Naguib on 28.01.14

If you’ve ever been to Mount-Royal Park on a Sunday between May and September, you’ve definitely heard the beat of the drums. The drum circle known as Tam-Tams gathers there every Sunday of the summer to play music and celebrate life all while captivating Montrealers and tourists of all ages with the tribal and rhythmic sounds of their instruments. The festival started over 30 years ago but somehow, the crowds get bigger every year. Tam-Tams, however, isn’t just an event; it has become a lifestyle for many, who like to spend their Sundays laying in the grass, listening to the beats, relaxing and soaking up the sun. Others head to the park to have an afternoon picnic or throw a frisbee around with friends; it is a perfect spot to enjoy the outdoors. Tam Tams exudes a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere all while displaying a near view of the skyscrapers that stand tall in Montreal’s bustling downtown. The event starts early in the afternoon and carries on into the evening, with people arriving at all times of the day to take part in the festivities and end their weekend on a positive note. Next time you’re out on a Sunday drive, head to Mount-Royal and join the celebration!

Photo: Wikimedia Commons user Genséric Morel

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