Written by Pascale Deschênes on 21.07.17

This summer, there’s a new destination to shop local products, such as vegetables, meat, fruits, natural soaps, and much more! All these delicious and tasteful products are at Marché des Éclusiers, where you can go every Thursday and Saturday and be heartily received by different local growers. Ferme des Quatres-Temps, Les Jardins Carya, La Petite Boulangerie, La Ferme Lauzon, Au Grès des Champs, Tout Cru!, Oh So Vegan, Ferme Home Field, and more will be there!

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Moreover, the majority of this incredible oasis of local products has been made to create five distinct menus. You can enjoy them on Le Marché des Éclusiers’  beautiful terraces and appreciate the breathtaking view on the second floor. The market works with incredible partners as Volcanic Organic, Velish, Burger Royal, Pastaga Snack Bar, and Menu du Marché.

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Marché des Éclusiers offers a wide variety of places where you can eat, starting with Velish’s vegan salad bar. Their cold pressed juices will be your best friend on a very hot sunny day.

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If you are more of a burger person, Burger Royal will be at The Marché to satisfy your taste buds. They will offer a burger bar where you will be able to try their burger’s signature flavours. To make you feel better about your burger consumption, it would be good to know that Burger Royal raises their beef freely and in Quebec, without hormones! That is a beautiful initiative.

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Marché des Éclusiers even has a menu to satisfy a more refined palate with Pastaga Snack Bar. This spot offers an incredible list of delightful wines to go perfectly with their fresh and tasteful seafood. Now, what about the simple and classic menu that everyone likes? Marché des Éclusiers also has their Menu du Marché! It will represent The Marché’s products by enhancing their Quebec’s flavours. Do not forget to try their refreshing homemade cocktails to taste summer in every sip.

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Finally, sweetest of all, Volcanic Organic offers you independant products from Guatemala such as coffee, vegan pastries, chocolates, and much more, all containing biological origins. Perfect desserts to finish a tasteful meal.

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To add at this beautiful initiative, the owners made an ecological commitment to remind consumers about food and packaging waste. Restaurants will only use biodegradable or recyclable dishes.

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If you don’t have time to enjoy The Marché, take any of these delicious eats or products to go! Bon appétit!

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400 Rue de la Commune O, Montreal QC H3C 0N8

Photos by Pascale Deschenes (@pascaledeschenes).

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