Written by Pascale Deschênes on 11.05.16

Have you ever been to a café where you were extraordinarily satisfied with the food and not just the coffee? Café Parvis will give you this enticing feeling. The menu is full of refreshing meals and the ambiance lets us live out a summer day no matter the weather outside. They describe themselves as an urban oasis for all seasons, at any time of day. And they’re right: Café Parvis really is that beautiful.

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Offering coffees, pizzas, creative light fare, and pastries, Café Parvis’ menu will please all tastes. Affordable for downtown, it’s a captivating place. The café is hidden away near St-Catherine in Le Quartier des Spectacles. This casual café also has outdoor seating, which is perfect for the warmer months.

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From the inside, the sun brings a warm and fuzzy feeling each time it penetrates the impressively immense windows. They work perfectly with the café’s vintage decor. Everything is made of wood, including the giant family style tables and the walls that have imperfections to make them seem ancient. Best of all, the dishes are like a grandmother’s, but in a good way. And just like at nana’s house, bursting vegetation is everywhere in the café. They have achieved a truly relaxing atmosphere.

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To accompany that relaxing ambiance, the chefs have crafted meals that fit perfectly with the environment. Their salad with beets, pears, goat cheese, and walnuts is a favourite amongst regulars. It’s refreshing and the perfect appetizer to go with your pizza. The popular Margherita, their classic pizza, is covered with mozzarella and fresh basil. The pizza is just like grandma’s… and deliciously cheesy. They even serve it on a wooden plank, perfect for your Instagram photo-op. Café Parvis knows the value of good presentation. The menu is constantly changing, so expect new and innovative dishes every week!

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While comfort and relaxation reign supreme for the food and décor of Café Parvis, their incredible drinks are anything but. We never thought that we could drink summer in a glass, but the Bubble Kimi is sun and joy in one delicious beverage. Made with gin, Prosecco, kiwi, lime juice, and simple syrup, the Bubble Kimi is an explosion of Prosecco with the subtle refreshing taste of citrus.

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Cozy ambiance, delicious comfort food, and that summer feeling no matter the month: Café Parvis will give you all of this and more. Bring your friends and spend some quality time in this excellent café perfectly situated in downtown Montreal.

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433 Rue Mayor, Montréal, QC H3A
(514) 764-3589

Photos by Café Parvis unless indicated otherwise. Featured image by Ver Sepasi (@versepasi).

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