Written by Tanya Kupelian on 23.11.15

Le Couteau is an intimate coffee shop located in the Plateau area of Montreal. They’re recognizable by the wall art outside their location. Have you ever noticed a huge knife gracing one of Montreal’s walls? Well, there you will find Le Couteau.

Le couteau cafe hayley.quinn montreal

They offer a friendly and quick service. Their barista makes the perfect lattes! Extremely velvety and smooth, you won’t even need to add any sugar or sweetener to it. Their soy latte is one of the more popular things to order.

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They also serve gluten-free goodies that are oh so fresh! Try out their croissants, homemade cookies, scones, and more. Grab a coffee, some gluten-free snacks, and settle in for a delicious afternoon.

Le couteau cafe Montreal

They have free Wi-Fi (perfect for all you students) and outdoor seating in the summer. The whole layout of this coffee shop is clean, simple, spacious, and very relaxing. It’s filled with lots of great lighting, which is a plus for all you Instagramers!

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It’s the perfect atmosphere for people to unwind, or for students to do their work. You can head over there to hang out for a coffee, get some studying done, or even do some light reading (or heavy – if your idea of light reading is Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment).

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Le Couteau is a perfect zen coffee shop. Add this one to your list if you are a lover of the art of making coffee.

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4627 Rue Saint-Denis, Montréal, QC H2J 2L4
(514) 940-0444


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