Written by Erica Spina on 31.10.14

Andy Warhol is famous for his pop art and is considered the leader of the Pop Art movement. He was also a creative genius when it came to advertising: he had a gift for creating posters and ad campaigns.

Warhol Mania is a collection of fifty posters and illustrations created by Warhol found in 400 magazines. Warhol is most famous for his Campbell’s Soup can ads, but how many other ads of his do you know? If the answer is shockingly low, you may want to check out this captivating exhibit.

Thanks to the extensive research of collector and art historian Paul Maréchal, Montreal can share this wonderful art collection with tourists and local art lovers. Showcased at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Warhol Mania is on display November 6th, 2014 to March 15th, 2015.

The collection is made up of three different categories: consumer products, musical stars, and cultural events. When it comes to advertising, the goal is to capture the attention of an audience in seconds. Warhol believed that the secret to this was repetition. His work is therefore famous for repeated images with a small variation in each image.

In addition, Warhol knew what his audience would find aesthetically pleasing and easy to remember before science gave advertisers this coveted answer. His preferred colours were shades of mauve, red, violent, orange, and yellow. Warhol was definitely ahead of his time (and science).

What can you expect at the exhibition? Lots of colours, lots of variations on simple images, and lots of well-known products, causes, and celebrities. Not only that, but you may find some advertisements you already knew but never attributed to the famed artist.

Tickets are on sale now. Visit the Museum of Fine Arts’ website for a full list of prices and opening hours.

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