Written by Alex Spina on 08.09.17

As many of us already know, Montreal nightlife never disappoints. The city is filled with a variety of places where people can go for drinks, eat delicious food, or enjoy live spectacle. There is one place in the city where you can enjoy all of these things at the same time and that is at L’Abreuvoir. Located on 403 Rue Ontario Est, L’Abreuvoir is an amazing place that changes vibes depending on the night you choose to go.

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We feel as though the name is perfectly suited for what they offer. Directly translated, Abreuvoir means “water fountain” or “a place to drink,” and that’s exactly what this place is. Their drink menu is huge as they offer a variety of beers and wines. They also have pitchers of sangrias and mixed drinks that allow you and your friends to really have a good time.

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We got to try their “El Toro Rosa” which is a combination of Red Bull, Tequila, grapefruit, citrus syrup, and soda water. (Based on our sampling, they definitely don’t shy away from the tequila). We also tried something for you whiskey lovers, “Jack Daniels, Apricot brandy, lemon juice, and cranberry juice.” If these pitchers aren’t enough and you are still thirsty for more, Abreuvoir offers them in 2L for only $26!

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As you find yourself drinking and enjoying the night, you’ll be happy to notice that Abreuvoir completely re-vamped their menu with classic comfort foods that you will enjoy. Some of the dishes we got to try were their Nachos, Mac and Cheese, Grilled Cheese, and their Mini Pulled pork sliders. One of our favourites was their grilled cheese! Their bread is toasted perfectly and is lathered in butter. They use two different cheeses and what really makes this special is their use of sweet caramelized onions. Another dish that we truly enjoyed was their mac and cheese. It’s simple but has everything you’d expect in a mac and cheese as it was cheesy, creamy, and of course, topped with bacon bits.

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While you are out drinking and eating with friends, be sure to get out on their incredible terrace (weather permitting). Abreuvoir‘s terrace is essentially a courtyard with three different levels including a large bar area and on weekends a live DJ. They also have integrated heaters so you do not have to worry about those colder Montreal evenings.

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Abreuvoir’s scene changes depending on the night you are there. Wednesday nights, they have a comedy festival where they host new and local comedians! Some familiar names that have showed up as surprise guests are Louis-José Houde, François Morency, Sugar Sammy, and Maxim Martin. It is all on a first come first served basis and students can enjoy this night with a $5 cover charge (regular pricing is only $7)!

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Finally, if you have any hidden singing talent, or the 2L pitchers have caught up to you, Sunday karaoke night chez Abreuvoir is a huge hit! Abreuvoir is definitely a spot where you want to be no matter what day of the week it is.

403 Ontario St E, Montreal, QC H2L 1N5
(514) 843-5469

Photos by Alex Spina (@kitchen__121) and L’Abreuvoir.

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