Written by Dahlia Merlo on 29.03.16

We all spend more time on Instagram than we’d like to admit. Raise your hand if you check your Instagram feed before getting out of bed in the morning (guilty!). And let’s all collectively take a moment of silence for our chronological feeds changing à la Facebook (why mess with a good thing, Instagram, why?!). If you love our beautiful city and would love to populate your Instagram feeds with lovely images of our incredible urban landscape, you might want to follow these 9 Instagrammers. And by might, we mean you should.


@inayali has been in the Instagram game for probably as long as you’ve had Instagram. He takes stunning shots of the city, local cafés, and the occasional #foodporn shot. He also does a fair bit of travelling, so expect to see his adventures sprinkled in his feed.


Currently studying in one of the most magnificent libraries in the city. #montréaljetaime

A photo posted by Daniel Huynh (@dani.e.l) on

@dani.e.l calls himself a Montréal wanderer, and we’d have to believe him. His photos are simple, clean, and sharp. He wanders around the city, visiting libraries, coffee shops, and the prettiest Plateau and downtown homes


?Juste trop beau #MontréalEnBlanc #vieuxportmtl #livemontreal A photo posted by Vincent Brillant (@montrealismes) on

@montrealismes probably captured beautiful snowy Montreal the best this year. He clearly loves our city and makes it all the more beautiful through his lens. He has a penchant for Old Montreal and explores all its nooks and crannies.


C’est ma fête! | It’s my birthday! ???? #cinqcentquatorze #birthday

A photo posted by M O N T R É A L ↟ 5 1 4 (@jfsavaria) on

@jfsavaria takes urban exploration to another level. He visits the less-favoured corners of the city to get some killer photos. When he takes photos of city views, the Instagrammer tends to favour night shots, when the city lights up like the crown jewel that it is.


@montrealvision gives you shots of the city you’ve probably never really seen before. And we mean it. This Instagram account takes pictures using a drone, so unless you’ve taken a helicopter ride around Montreal, you’d better give this account a follow.


This city is so hawt at night ?

A photo posted by MONTREAL Photographer. (@refinedmoment) on

@refinedmoment‘s feed is full of blacks, whites, and reds, transforming the city in a way we’ve never seen before. The effect is startling and beautiful. We live in a city on fire with passion and curiosity!


Another sunny day ? A photo posted by Montreal | Quebec City | ✈️ (@city.wanderer) on

@city.wanderer captures fun moments and shares them with her loyal followers, i.e. us. If you’re not already following her, get on it. Enjoy her vision of a picturesque Montreal with its beautiful architecture and occasional food shots.


@jay.k.em explores the city one snapshot at a time. She visits the occasional coffee shop and takes photos of the most beautiful eggshell homes. Her Plateau wanderings will make you want to live in that neighbourhood ASAP.


Playing around with them tones •

A photo posted by ? Montreal | Canada ? (@ericbranover) on

@ericbranover photos are sometimes surreal and have a storybook quality to them. He manages to make Montreal look straight out of a fairytale, and we can’t help but love this version of our favourite city.

There are so many other great Montreal Instagram accounts; it was really hard to choose our favourite 9 accounts. Often, these Instagrammers get together with the IG community for Instagram meets, so expect to see them and others on their feeds. Don’t forget to follow @montreall on Instagram and tag #eatplaylive to be featured, and maybe you’ll end up in our next Instagram compilation!

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