Written by Natasha Vincelli on 29.11.16

If you’re in the mood for a taste of Italy, you have to visit newly-opened Parma Café on Bishop. As you walk in, there’s a long welcoming espresso bar with a friendly staff and chalkboard menu to tell you the daily offerings. This café strives and succeeds at embodying true Italian culture and lifestyle.


Exhibit A, they serve “la collazione.” No not a snack, as the French in us would want to believe, but rather, the Italian breakfast. This kind of breakfast isn’t bacon, eggs, grease, toast, grease, and Foldgers coffee, rather it’s a fresh croissant or biscotti with a rich espresso — and there’s probably Nutella in there somewhere because, Italy.


But their breakfast and elaborate espresso bar menu is just the start. On their lunch/dinner menu, you’ll find other Italian delights like cutlet sandwiches, pasta, pizza, calzones, pretty much everything you need to make lunch your favourite part of the day – if it isn’t already. Everything on their menu is made in house, from the bread to the pasta to the sauces (even their mayo!).


You’re funny if you think we forgot about dessert #never – their pistachio cannolis are crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside. Just think of that gesture where you kiss the tips of your fingers and then explode your hand – yup that’s the one. Also, great news for you people out there who pretend to take lunch break but really you’re go-go-go, they have a take-out counter where all the magic mentioned above is available to go!


As for our personal recommendations: we had the pleasure of trying a bit of everything and let us just say, you can taste the difference when everything is homemade. Our personal favourite was their chicken cutlet sandwich made on their freshly baked bread. The bread was so soft and fresh, it might be a good idea to just to stop in and grab a baker’s dozen for the week (or day – we don’t judge).


We had the chance to talk to one of the owners who said their vision for Parma Café is to create a casual environment that serves great food. From our first experience on opening day, we can safely say: mission accomplished. There is nothing we love more than great, fresh, tasty food and Parma Café is serving it up right.


1202 Rue Bishop, Montréal, QC H3G 2E3
(514) 879-0000

Photos by Natasha Vincelli (@dash_of_tash) and Jonathan Naccache (@jon_webist).

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