Written by Kevin Horng on 23.06.15

In the hot summer month of July, Montreal will be holding a huge water gun fight that’ll have you soaked. Gather all your friends and family, stock up on [water] guns and ammo, and be ready to get wet on July 4th at Lafontaine Park.

The Montreal Watergun Fight will be a day where you can go out and soak fellow water gun fighters on a nice summer day. Brings friends, family, the kids, and of course bring the kid in yourself and relive those fun days you had with that super soaker machine gun while everyone had their small water pistols. Don’t forget to plastic wrap your phone and your valuables as you get soaked head to toe.

Montreal Watergun fight summer 2015 (2)

This event seems to have been inspired by the “Water Festival” in South East Asia where people splash each other in celebration of the New Year. The Water Festival is said to act as a cleansing ritual in going into the New Year. The most famous of these events is the one at Songkran, Thailand. Check out the photo below of the event at Songkran in 2013; it’s amazing!

Water Festival in Songkran Thailand

Will Montreal’s Water Gun Fight be as glorious as the Water Festivals in South East Asia? It can be! So come along July 4th at La Fontaine Park and get your battle armour ready!

For more information, visit the Facebook event for Montreal Watergun Fight!

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