Written by Anali Maneshi on 29.04.16

Work, social life, grocery shopping, paying the bills, hanging out with friends, checking out the awesome restaurants featured on Montreall.com, calling family and friends out of town…it doesn’t leave a lot of time for us to hit the gym. The last thing you want to be doing is waiting in line at the gym for the squat rack or treadmill. Report Fitness is the PERFECT workout for people that love high intensity workouts and who value efficiency. The workouts are all thirty minutes long and leave you sweaty, out of breath, and pumped for the next workout. The greatest appeal is there is no wasting of time waiting for equipment or time spent creating your own workouts. You show up, work hard, feed off of other’s energy, and leave feeling amazing.


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The workouts are based on high intensity interval training (HIIT), which will boost up your metabolism so that you continue to burn calories at rest even after you leave the gym. The combination of cardiovascular and strength conditioning through functional movements will push you, improving your overall fitness level quickly. The coaches are all very experienced and push each participant to work their hardest for the 30 minutes.

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Class sizes are small, optimizing the coach to athlete ratio, allowing for personalized coaching based on each individual’s level. The coaches ensure your form is correct, preventing injuries and improving your technique each workout. From beginners to more experienced athletes and from those looking to lose some weight and those looking to make some serious fitness gains: Report Fitness coachess offer the advice and experience to push you safely and efficiently to your goals.


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The workouts are different each day, with the schedule ensuring that the workouts offer a balance focusing different muscle groups and functional exercises. There are two Report Fitness gyms (Downtown and Lasalle), offering 6-7 classes during the week, each conveniently before work, during lunch hours, or after work hours. Three workouts a day at each gym are offered on the weekend. With a thirty-minute commitment around work hours, it’s hard NOT to fit in excellent workouts.


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Report Fitness offers an introductory two-week trial for only $25. You can try as many classes as you like and get a feel for the style of workouts. Monthly memberships are available and depend on which gym location you go to and the duration of the membership. Early-bird rates as well as class packages are also available for those that prefer to drop-in.

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Quick, efficient, effective workouts catered around work hours and with a variety of membership options and class packages, Report Fitness offers something for everyone. All you have do it show up, and work hard. You will feel strong, fit, and a little sore…

7717 Boulevard Newman, LaSalle, QC H8N 1X7
(514) 570-4140

2290 Avenue Union, Montréal, QC H3A 2C3
(514) 570-4140

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