Written by Tania Schiliro on 27.04.16

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of stopping by the WLKN boutique located in Laval’s bustling shopping hub, Carrefour Laval. As soon as we stepped foot into the store, we knew we were in for something different. Imagine walking into your very own closet packed floor-to-ceiling with timeless classics and trending pieces. Well, that’s exactly how we felt, and here’s why…

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WLKN, a reference to the term “walking into”, is built on a simple three-part philosophy: FAMILY, STREETWEAR, and LIFESTYLE.

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We were instantly greeted as we walked in. We could tell then and there that the team at WLKN runs on a FAMILY-oriented concept, and they’re more than glad to welcome each and every client into their own. All of the staff members were extremely helpful and contributed to what ended up being one of the most personalized shopping experiences we’ve ever had. Early on into our shopping spree, we benefitted from what felt like our own personal stylist. He picked out pieces according to hair colour, told us what would look great according to our personal style and was honest in telling us what we were better off leaving on the rack. By the end of our time at WLKN, we were running back and forth between the store and the fitting rooms, asking him which colour he felt suited us best (lol). All in all, WLKN is a great spot to go to if you enjoy getting a second opinion while you’re shopping solo.

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Next up: the fashion. Offering over 50 different brands and specializing in denim, sneakers, hats, and go-to basics, WLKN knows exactly how to satisfy your hunger for both classic and on-trend STREETWEAR. What particularly caught our eye was the wall covered in dozens of team and designer hats. Then came the wall covered in sneakers of all brands (we couldn’t help but snag a pair of Reebok high-tops for ourselves…). And finally, the high ceilings covered in oversized tees, Adidas gear, hoodies, and exclusive stand-out pieces for both men and women. If we had to describe the clothing selection at WLKN in just a few words, we’d say it’s versatile, comfortable, and most definitely trending.

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WLKN isn’t just a brand, it’s a LIFESTYLE. It’s about sports, music, fashion and creating a shopping experience like no other; they feed off culture and feed culture with their fashion philosophy. Check out their blog for their outfit of the week, or stay up-to-date with the hottest trends and newest arrivals via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or Vimeo.

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You can currently walk into any one of their five locations, or shop online via their website.

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Photos by WLKN.

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