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Inspired by Mexico and its culture, Cirque du Soleil’s newest Luzia show promises audiences a sensorial experience enveloped in light and nurtured by rain. Naturally, you should expect the show to have its usual surrealistic and colourful take on what it is to explore this country, mixing in everything from traditional sports to the beautiful landscape, themes that can be further enjoyed should you chose to indulge in the VIP Experience.

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When first walking into the Luzia VIP tent, the warmth of the pink and mauve wall décor envelops you, while the dim lighting and candles, along with the soft bass and trumpet-heavy music, set a chic and relaxed ambiance. In addition to the colours, guests are treated to typically Mexican images, such as tapestries of old, beautiful doors and statues of jaguars, as well as some intricate and abstract insect statues found around the room.

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The servers, men with bright orange bowties and women with elaborate floral crowns or hair accessories, pass around some unusual but delicious treats. Among them are dark chocolate and sea salt covered grilled asparagus, corn and ceviche macarons, and pickled peppers mixed with guacamole and edible flowers served in small cylindrical cups. All these foods are brought around in unique serving trays, such as diamond-shaped jewelry boxes and large, lighted trays.

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In addition, there are plenty of choices of tartare, paella, octopus marinated in tequila and more, including a colourful large candy table set-up in the style of a floral textile. There are also several stations in the tent, including the Mayan-inspired La Plancha, which allows guests to interact with the chef while watching as sea food and meats are cooked with rice in front of them.

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These delectable creations are brought by Agnus Dei, who return again as Cirque du Soleil’s official caterers. David Carrier, president of Agnus Dei, explained that the inspiration for the menu was drawn from the Cirque’s unbridled creativity as well as dishes typically found in Mexico. And if that wasn’t enough, guests have their choice of various high-end wines, champagnes, and beers (and non-alcoholic beverages, of course!). The VIP evening is designed so that guests are served an hour before the show as well as during the half-hour entr’acte.

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Starting at $270 per person, other VIP perks include an exclusive entrance to the Cirque site as well as reserved parking, the selection of foods and canapés already mentioned, popcorn, the show’s program, a reserved terrace, coat check, bathrooms separate from the general audience, (less wait time!) and a gift.

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Of course, for larger groups who may want some more privacy, a section of the tent can be reserved for 12 to 50 people, priced at $270/person with an additional $2000 for the reservation of the section and extra services provided.

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And if you really want to have an exclusive experience, you can opt for the Exclusivité VIP package, which includes 30 additional minutes to unwind before the show, food selections from a superior menu, special Cirque du Soleil gifts for each person, the space and a microphone for company presentations, as well as advertising for the corporation within the VIP tent. This will set you (or your company) back a cool $12,000, in addition to the $270 per person.

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So whether you’re looking to impress some clients, show appreciation for your employees and partners, or simply want to have an indulgent night out among friends, consider adding some glamour to your Luzia night with the VIP experience!

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Photos: Patricia Brochu

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