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You may have passed by Mayfair on a late Saturday night and thought it was just another overpacked bar in Montreal. Well, think again. Mayfair opens up to a whole other world once you step through its doors.

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The bar’s décor is beautiful with ornate walls and mouldings everywhere, giving the place a vintage feel. Plush leather seats line the tables at the windows, giving the place an air of elegance and class. But there is also a Bohemian vibe to it, with sheer drapes, intricate pillows, and decorative light fixtures. It truly evokes a 19th century English tea room, and we love the #throwback.

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Don’t bother ordering a gin and tonic at this cocktail joint. The décor is inspired by an English tea room, and so is the menu. Many of their signature cocktails are infused with tea in innovate ways. And these cocktails pack a punch. Who knew tea could be so tasty!  

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The Green Velvet cocktail has Hendrick’s gin, Absinthe, Kusmi Gyuokuro tea, cucumber juice, fresh lime, celery mousse, and a coriander garnish. The cocktail is fresh and creamy and oh so wonderful.  

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The Daisy Twist has Havana Club Anejo Reserva rum, Graham’s late bottle Porto, sherry, fresh lemon juice, Kusmi Traktir infused tea syrup, and a spoonful of Porto jelly. The bartender even lights an orange rind on fire to give the cocktail that extra orange zest. If you’re not usually a fan of dark liquor (like some of us), you’ll still love this cocktail.  

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Another great one is the Duke of York, with Pimm’s, cucumber water, Kusmi Traktir tea, fresh lemon juice, and angostura bitters. The cucumber water is a perfectly spherical ice cube and it gives the cocktail that extra touch of wow.  

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Another cocktail has a square ice cube with not water but flavourful tea and a flower for garnish. The cocktails are delicious, innovative, and not skimpy on the liquor. The bartenders are pros and won’t leave you thirsty for one minute! 

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They also have a food menu for you to nibble on while you drink, so you can drink more without the alcohol going to your head. They’re even served on afternoon tea layered plates! We tried delicious beef sliders and mouthwatering fried potatoes, and they definitely helped us guzzle (uh, we mean sip) more cocktails.

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Mayfair is the perfect spot for a 5à7 with the girls or even for a date night! If you don’t like clubbing, go earlier and enjoy a peaceful cocktail and some yummy treats. Don’t forget to lift your pinky up while you sip! Cheers!

451 Rue Rachel E, Montréal, QC H2J 2H2
(514) 647-4055

Photos by Sylvain Garnier and Mayfair.

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