Written by Natasha Vincelli on 05.08.16

This past Valentine’s Day season, you may have seen, or even received, boxed roses. It kind of felt like they sprung out of nowhere (pun intended). Bottom line, the trend of boxed roses took off!

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At the Mfleurs official launch party, we had the chance to speak with one of the co-founders of Mfleurs about where they got the idea of assembling roses in a box. She started by saying that roses in plastic cellophane are old school, so one of the goals of Mfleurs was to refresh the look of the rose bouquet and explore an untapped market.

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Now, when you receive a ‘bouquet,’ it doesn’t need to be a flashback to prom in the 80s. As humans, we love right angles and symmetry, so by putting roses in a square box, they are now more aesthetically pleasing when you receive them (not to mention look great as decoration in your home). The other great thing is that they come in a reusable box, and let’s be honest: you can always find a way to use a decorative box.

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With Mfleurs, you can buy either fresh roses (starting at $89 for 9 roses incl. box) or ‘eternal roses’ that last an entire year without water ($12 per rose + $10 box), which is great for the people who love plants but forget to maintain them (guilty!).

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These new-school boxes can also make beautiful centerpieces at an event, like a wedding or anniversary, heck even your dining room table! Join the floral revolution and the next time you need roses, think inside the box.

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Photos by Mfleurs and Natasha Vincelli (@dash_of_tash)

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