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About Lolë

Lole White Tour Montreal (5) Delphine

LOLË (Live Out Loud Everyday) was founded in 2002 in Longueuil, bringing activewear that could be worn to the pool, track, yoga studio, ski hill, and even to grab a bite to eat. Lolë not only provides great lifestyle attire but they promote health and wellness in their communities with free weekly “meet-ups” providing boot-camp and yoga classes for free as well as informative health lectures given by fitness and nutrition experts. A visit to a Lolë store is not complete without tea, fruit, and excellent guest experience.

Lolë White Tour

Lole White Tour Montreal (1)

The LOLË White Tour has been bringing like-minded people together to promote wellness and health since 2012. The event takes place during sunset in the Old Port and is lead by yoga leaders in community with live music by Ariane Zita. A free mat is given with the purchase of a ticket to the event. After enjoying yoga under the sunset, a musical performance will be provided, allowing participants to enjoy the beautiful sights of the old port while mingling and meeting new friends.

Lole White Tour Montreal (4) Chloé Raulet

With many yoga instructors available to help participants of all levels of yoga, this is a great event for a novice or more experienced yogi.

The event takes place on August 18th. You can buy tickets by clicking here. $45 will get you an unforgettable yoga experience, a yoga mat, a Lolë gift card, and a gift bag. Remember to dress all in white as a symbol of peace.

Lole White Tour Montreal (2) Chloé Raulet

If you can’t make it to this event but want to check out any of the other free events run by Lolë, check out their calendar here.

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