Written by Dahlia Merlo on 06.11.15

Pandore is one of the newer supper clubs in Montreal, and while supper clubs have always garnered an average reputation (more in terms of food), it looks like they’re taking the hint and upping the ante. Pandore has a beautiful location with an incredible view of Le Quartier des Spectacles. In the summer, their terrace is wonderful, and they’re a great place to pop bottles and dance to talented local DJs.

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But on Friday nights, Pandore has changed the game. Starting in October, they launched their Sneak and Chic Friday night eventsShaharah Sinclair from La Voix is at the head of the project, bringing together a gastronomical feast along with international DJs and local musicians. We got to listen to G’Nee from La Voix and Dominique Fils-aimé and DJ AIK from London.

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The weekly event is a different take on the supper club vibe and will definitely bring together a different crowd. If you’re not into popping bottles, this may be the soirée for you!

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Let’s not forget the food, though. Some of our favourites of the night included the foie gras parfait with spiced doughnuts, fresh figs, caramel tuiles, and curry mango chutney. Sweet, rich, and full of that foie gras flavour you’ll love. The curry gives the dish a hit you wouldn’t expect but will thoroughly enjoy.

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The grilled beef back steak with a lobster tail has vanilla and madeira hollandaise sauce with asparagus and potato gratin. The perfect surf ‘n turf!

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Their cheese platter is pretty original, because instead of the typical chutneys as garnish, Pandore serves their Quebec cheeses with a saffron tatin pie. The candied hazelnuts and almonds make the dish a perfect combination of sweet and cheesy goodness.

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As for dessert, our favourite is the chocolate Manjari mousse with a brownie, guava & jalapeño sorbet, Quebec summer berries, and blueberry chips. The guava and jalapeño sorbet is out of this world. It’s sweet, spicy, and exotic. And the brownie and mousse are decadent and definitely chocolatey.

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If you’re looking for a classy night out with live music and good food, look no further than Pandore‘s Friday night Sneak and Chic. You may even run into local celebs…

Photos: Dahlia Merlo

1300 Rue Saint Dominique, Montréal, QC H2X 1K4
(514) 439-4461

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