Written by Jonathan Brouillette on 22.10.15

Leucan has had the shaved head challenge for 15 years. You all know the drill: raise money for cancer research, shave your head, be a (bald) hero! However, some people would rather keep what thinning hair they have left while still supporting cancer victims. Leucan has acknowledged this void and come up with the Barbers Against Cancer movement. Starting October 22nd all the way to November 19th, barbers and their patrons the island over will have their chance to show off and raise money for children struggling with cancer.

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Barbers Against Cancer will bring forth two big competitions. The first is the Most Artistic Barber. Each barber who raises $100 will be able to enter and submit a single piece of haircut art to be voted on by the public. How do they raise this $100? Well, if you’ve stuck to a barber for a while, then you know that your barber is the best. He is the man you trust with blades around your neck and temples. Thus, as a loyal client, you would be more than willing to donate a $5 bill to a good cause to prove he is the best. Because of course… my barber is better than your barber… Isn’t that what all patrons think? So each barber that receives enough generous donations will be able to call over the Leucan Montreal photographers and compete in a Facebook popularity contest between Novemeber 12th and November 19th to determine who really is the very best, like no one ever was. Or as Leucan calls them: the Most Artistic Barber.

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The second competition is to find the Most Generous Barbershop. This, of course, has less to do with how generous a particular barbershop is, and more to do with how generous their clients are. Each Barbershop is asked to run their own fundraiser. The ideas proposed by Leucan include haircut parties, raffles, 5 à 7’s with donated entry fees, and so on. Essentially, the barbershop which can raise the most money by November 23rd will be named Most Generous Barbershop. A closing ceremony to announce the winners and celebrate the donations will be held at Off the Hook that night hosted by Varda Étienne, best known for the show Sucré Salé.

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So far, nearly a dozen barbershops have confirmed their participation, though more are expected to join. These commendable barbershops include De la Cream Barbershop, Emporium, G&G Barbershop, Maison Privée, Mohawk Barbier, Notorious Barbershop, Prestige Barber Lounge, Quality Cuts, Rehul Design, and Scotch & Scissors. So, next time you pass by your local neighborhood barbershop, make sure you mention the competition and offer to make a small donation.

Leucan Montreal Barbers for Cancer

The Montreal-Laval Leucan has been serving the children of the region for years and does incredible work helping families struggling with infantile cancer. Last year, they raised over nine million dollars for the cause, almost half of which came from the Shaved Head Challenges. Perhaps Barbers Against Cancer can become another powerhouse event for Leucan with our help.

Photos courtesy of Leucan & Barbers for Cancer.

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