Written by Jonathan Brouillette on 17.06.15

May 27th marked the fourth annual Taste for Life gala and silent auction. This year, as well as supporting the Isreal Cancer Research Fund, the gala honoured cancer survivor and committee member Jessica Scalera. The event was a huge success, drawing professionals from all walks of life to support the amazing cause of cancer research. Hosted in the beautiful Time Supper club, the charity even started and ended with an amazing assortment of restaurants showcasing their food for those who donated towards the cause. So then, the question is of course: what does life taste like?

Taste for Life Isreal Cancer Research Fund Montreal (21)

Well, in a word, life tastes delicious! And the throngs of people present seemed to agree. There was an impressive flow throughout the entire night as everyone was eager to try the more than 15 booths stuffed with each supporting restaurant’s original finger foods. Those who were lucky enough to nab a VIP ticket and arrive at 6:00pm were treated to free drinks and impressive canapés from Time in their outside tent. There was also a good amount of food with Moishes’ steak and mashed potatoes, Lester’s smoked meat, oysters with horseradish salsa from L’Orignal, and truffled popcorn from Olives en Folie.

Photo: James Paul Correia

Somehow, that was only the appetizer as the vast majority of the restaurant booths were set up in the main hall. Sometime after 7:00pm, Lee from Virgin Radio ushered everyone into the main hall including local celebrities like the Beat 92,5’s Cat Spencer, Sarah Bartok, and Stuntman Sam. (Has anyone noticed that Cat Spencer is like 7 feet tall?!)

Photo: James Paul Correia

The main hall was gorgeously set up with a double row of stations in the middle. Restaurants like Cho, Bar Anabel, and Monsieur Restaurant & Bar set out their tiny fare for the classy hungry guests. Standouts included Cho’s pork back bun, Time’s own thai-flavored fried meat, and Gummy’s candy jars. With something for everyone, the herd of people walked around the center as though they were doing laps. If all laps were so delicious, everyone would be fit as a supermodels. Speaking of, the honored guest Jessica Scalera, who was stunning in her evening wear, was then honoured with a nice speech from Virgin Radio’s Lee Haberkorn in his dapper red suit.

Photo: James Paul Correia

The night was a rounding success and went off without a hitch. From the outside tent to the multi-tiered inside, Time’s space was bang on and rocking from excellent music. While eating and drinking in and of themselves is a delightful pleasure, we feel slightly less guilty when it’s also for a good cause. Thus we say, enjoying ourselves for the Isreal Cancer Research Fund… l’chaim!

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