Written by Anali Maneshi on 31.05.16

Sick of squats, the same old lunges, and holding the dreaded plank while salivating at the thought of what’s for dinner that evening? Milan Pole Dance Studio located in Old Montreal will add a little spunk and variety to your workouts. Not only will you get an excellent workout, you’ll have a great time, laugh a little, sweat, and best of all, you won’t even feel like you’re working out until the fatigue hits your arms and you feel the soreness the next day.


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Pole dancing is one of the few workouts that combines strength and aerobic condition while incorporating flexibility in every workout. A common myth is that one needs exceptional upper-body strength or to be a certain body-type to enjoy the workouts. While I admit, I spent the majority of the workout with both feet on the ground; I managed to get a few moments of pole time in the air. The pole dancers around me varied in shape, size and were all able to get a workout challenging them individually. What I enjoyed most about the workouts is that I was very challenged physically but I was able to be creative and let loosing allowing for a great emotional and mental benefits. I left with a bit more of a skip and confidence in my step.

Class sizes

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The classes are generally 1 instructor to 15-18 dancers. Instructions and demonstrations are given and the instructors make a very good effort to walk around assisting the dancer with technique and giving them encouragement to challenge them.


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Milan Pole Dance Studio offers a variety of classes suited to different levels and goals. Pole classes are 60-minute sessions with group warm-ups and a cool down with dance and pole instruction catered to different levels. Beginners can start with Pole Gym Basics and enjoy more challenging classes ranging from Levels Basic to 4. Pole conditioning, Contemporary Pole, Exotic Dance, Flexy Pole, and Pole technique are all other classes available at the studio, so there’s a little something for everyone. The studio can also host corporate work events as well as parties such as a birthday, bachelor. and bachelorette parties.

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Participants can sign up online, with at least one classes offered at noon and at least 3 more offered during the evenings on weekdays, allowing you to fit it into your work schedule. Multiple classes are also offered on the weekend allowing you to reach all your fitness goals.


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Depending on your schedule, the lovely people at Milan Pole Dance have class packages, monthly memberships, and drop in class fees, accommodating everyone’s schedule and budget. If you are new to pole dancing, they offer 3 classes for $60 and 8 classes for $125 so you can get a feel for the different classes and instruction. They offer a 20% student discount on class packages upon presentation of a student card.


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The community of dancers at Milan Pole Dance Studio are incredibly welcoming and encouraging. It’s obvious they have a tight-knit community of regulars that go to the studio and are very welcome to those trying it out. It was an amazing experience overall, and whatever excuse you may have (“I don’t have upper body strength,” “I have no rhythm,” “I’ll make a fool of myself” – WE HAD THESE ALL), give yourself the opportunity to try out this workout. You will walk out feeling stronger and more confident than when you walked in.

50 Rue Saint-Jacques, Montréal, QC H2Y 1L2
(514) 806-4063

Photos by Milan Pole Studio.

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