Written by Gemma Cocomello on 20.05.16

As Canadians, we’re all devastated by the tragedy that occurred in Fort McMurray. From both sides of the coast, everyone’s been coming together to try to help out in any way they possibly can. The Ardene Foundation, founded by the successful retail chain store Ardene, has taken giving back to a whole other level, by launching a donation campaign to help those whose lives have been affected most due to the fires. It began with a pledge to the Canadian Red Cross Alberta Fires Appeal, which later turned into a drive that collected $1 donations from generous and giving shoppers in Ardene’s 333 stores nation wide. They’ve already raised $62,651 to date! In March 2016, the Foundation also raised over $110,000 of donations towards women and refugee shelters all over Montreal.

ardene cares fort mcmurray montreal

With locations in Fort McMurray and all over Alberta, many employees were also affected by this devastation and are sadly now jobless. Ardene is taking it even further by offering gift cards and unemployment assistance. Not only is Ardene giving their employees additional income (alongside government insurance), they will also cover the 2 week waiting period for Employment Insurance. They really want to make sure that no employee suffers a huge financial loss, and although it seems impossible, help ease this process as much as they can.

With many evacuees staying in Alberta and British Columbia, Ardene is also offering an extra 20% off in stores all over both provinces to Fort McMurray residents. This discount will apply between May 16th and June 19th. There’s also talk of a free merchandise day once the city of Fort McMurray re-opens and gets back on track to rebuilding.

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Ardene is not just a big company, but also a name associated with charity and giving back when times get tough and assistance is needed. Ardene really cares about all communities and making a difference in people’s lives. They not only make us feel great on the outside with their great products, but on the inside as well. We’re so proud that a successful Canadian retailer is making a good name for themselves outside of their stores. Visit an Ardene store near you to make your donation and help those in need. Every contribution helps. Click here to learn more about the Ardene Foundation. To know more about how you can assist with the Alberta fires, please visit the Canadian Red Cross Foundation.

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