Written by Erica Spina on 28.01.14

If you’re looking for a Montreal nightlife experience that’s finally a little different, then Apt. 200 is certainly a place where you should go. Located in the heart of Downtown Montreal at 3643 St. Laurent Street, Apt. 200 takes over the old location of Ballroom. Its name is a literal representation of what to expect from the concept. Apt. 200 introduces Montreal to a type of venue that mimics the same “chilled-out vibes” of a loft party, opened everyday from 5:00pm-3:00am. The concept is executed with great accuracy and no detail is left unturned. Once up the narrow staircase, you enter what seems to be your typical loft, with decoration that is normally found in any home; couches for comfortable seating, large tables for bigger groups and a semi-private room that is decorated like an actual bedroom. The space is very open and spacious allowing you to have unlimited seating options along with several clusters and corners to hang out in. With a long bar that is usually packed, you can enjoy drinks at 5$ a pint. The additions take a twist for the better, a great surprise await avid arcade lovers. At Apt. 200 you can enjoy some of the most classic arcade games such as Lucky & Wild, Time Crisis 2, Mortal Combat, Ms. Packman, NFL Blitz, NBA Jamz, and Daytona 500 at only fifty cents a shot (or free of charge on Sundays). Amongst these games you can also find pool tables, tabletop hockey and the classic basketball shoot out. With no particular dress code and a varied crowd of people, you and some friends can enjoy a casual night out, or party at all hours, vibing to old school RnB & Hip Hop tunes and the latest in house, experiencing all that apartment has to offer.

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