Written by Lexa Naguib and Jon Nakash on 17.04.14

Montreal is the city of love. No wait, Paris is the city of love. Nonetheless, Montreal is North America’s beautiful little Paris and is the ideal city for the perfect proposal.  Keep in mind, the proposal is by far the most remembered moment in any couple’s long-lasting relationship, there’s no such thing as going overboard for the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. And so we’ve decided to put together a guide for the best and most romantic ways to propose in Montreal. Make sure to read through, some of these can be quite the challenge. Men, these are winning tips. Ladies, try to be subtle when you casually slide this into your boyfriend’s web browser.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s (the movie)

Disclaimer: movie-inspired idea any girl would love. For those men who are going to spoil their girlfriend with a Tiffany’s engagement ring, here’s a cliché but adorable way to propose! Head to Tiffany’s on Sherbrooke St, purchase the ring and warn the sales clerk that you plan to propose in front of the store on a specific date. Tell the clerk that the ring has to be in the display window on the day of your proposal! On that day, pick up some coffee and croissants with your girlfriend (find a nearby bakery or cute coffee shop) and tell her you want to take a stroll. Head to Sherbrooke and begin your walk towards Tiffany’s. When you arrive in front of the store, have your girlfriend look into the display with you and point at your ring. Tease her about it and ask her if she likes it (you better know her taste). With the clerk, plan ahead of time in such a way that the moment you point at the ring, it’s automatically grabbed from its display. Tell your girlfriend ‘’damn, I guess someone else got lucky today’’. Little does she know the clerk will bring the ring outside and deliver it straight into your hand. Your girlfriend will have no idea what’s going on. Now, it’s time to propose!

Notre-Dame Basilica

The majestic demeanour of Notre-Dame Basilica is enough to make anyone stop and stare. That being said, proposing to your girlfriend in front of this 300-year-old cathedral will likely make her go weak at the knees. For those hopeless romantics, hire a violinist to play a piece while you’re “coincidentally” walking by. Hand your girlfriend some change to put in the violinist’s hat. Upon approaching, the contents of the hat will startle her; she will see a ring and card saying “Will You Marry Me?”. This would require some planning, but it will be worth seeing the surprise on her face when she turns around and sees you on one knee! Tip: Have a table reserved at Verses for a romantic dinner! It’s just a two-minute walk away from Notre-Dame. And maybe just maybe, follow-up with a bedroom at Hôtel Le St-James.

Jardins Chateau de Ramezay

These beautiful historic gardens are a truly unique place to propose to your girlfriend. To make it more interesting, send her on a scavenger hunt! For this, you will need the cooperation of the staff/18th century re-enactors. Begin your walk around the gardens and tell your girlfriend you need to use the restroom. While you’re gone, an 18th century staff member will approach her and hand her a secret note telling her to walk to the Ornamental Garden to find the object of her desire! Have a message in a decorative bottle placed on a flower bush. The note will read: “in the Orchard you will find the flower coloured in blue, it will stand out thanks to this clue, pick the flower from its root”. Earlier that day, you would’ve already planted an out-of-the-ordinary flower at the Orchard (with the cooperation of the staff). You would’ve also tied a ring to its stem. Meet her at the Orchard and get down on one knee! If this kind of fun is what her future with you holds, how can she say no? Tip: Have lunch or dinner at Le Club Chasse et Pêche, which is just across the street.

Maison Boulud at the Ritz Carlton

Maison Boulud is everything you’d want in a restaurant. It is located in a chic hotel, the food is to die for, and the setting is elegant as can be. It is in all respects a romantic and classy venue for a proposal. What if you want to make things more interesting though? Let us ask you this: how would your girlfriend feel about seeing a diamond ring hidden in a ball of ice in her cosmopolitan? Well, you may just be in luck. Maison Boulud’s The Orient Cosmo features a frozen orchid in a ball of ice; ask if they could put your ring in it and propose in a truly unique way! She will either see through the ball of ice or will be surprised to see something glisten as the ice melts. Truly a perfect proposal!

La Ronde Fireworks

This might be difficult to pull off, but if you’re willing to try, it could be magical! Beforehand, make sure to arrange with the amusement park that they allow you to skip the line at the giant Ferris Wheel. When it’s time, grab her hand, get out of the line, and make your VIP entrance onto the Wheel. Time it in such a way that you’re at the top of the Wheel when the fireworks are set off. Buy some cotton candy beforehand, and without her seeing, hide the ring inside it (do not let her hold the cotton candy!) When you reach the top, it’s time to let her find the ring and pop the question!

Square St-Louis

Square St-Louis in the Plateau is one of the most beautiful parks in the city. It’s an urban square in the Plateau Mont-Royal and was created in 1876. It holds as a centrepiece a beautiful fountain inspired by Victorian design. For the outdoorsy types, this is a great spot to propose to your girl. Pack a picnic and head to the park on a sunny afternoon. After lunch, tell your girlfriend you baked cupcakes for her (or just order at one of Montreal’s numerous cupcake joints)! Hand her a cupcake with a ring hidden inside it and watch her discover it! After she does, it’s time to pop to question! Try to remember which cupcake is her favourite. Hint: you can’t go wrong with red velvet.

Horse Carriage in Old Montreal

Okay, this might be a little cliché, but proposing on a horse carriage in Old Montreal is something of a fairytale. Again, this will require some planning. Place your sweater or jacket around your girl, with the ring hidden in a pocket! Have the coachman take you on a scenic tour around Old Montreal, ultimately stopping at the famous LOVE sign on St-Jacques. When arriving, cleverly ask your girlfriend to go through the pockets of your sweater. When she pulls out the ring, it’s time to pop the question! Tip: Have a dinner reservation at Garde Manger, which is less than 5 minutes away.

Clock Tower Beach

For the adrenaline-loving and risk-taking men out there, this is for you! Head to the beach just before closing time and plant three colored pickets in the sand. Head back with your girlfriend in the evening, make her jump the fence with you, and make her look for the pickets (tell her it’s a treasure hunt)! Under the sand she will find 3 objects. Under the first picket she should find a cardboard sign with the word “Will” written on it. Under the second picket, she’ll find a sign with the word “You” on it. The third sign is the most important. It should have the words “Marry Me” accompanied by the ring in its box! It might be wise to hire security to watch the area until you arrive. Also, have some cash on hand to tip an Old Port security guard if need be. Tip: Afterwards, head to dinner at Restaurant Les Filles du Roy, located in Hôtel Pierre du Calvet; it’s just minutes away.

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