Written by Jonathan Brouillette on 12.05.15

Restaurant events are usually quite relaxed. They involve coming together and talking with a glass of wine in your hand and a plate of something delicious being passed around. However, restaurants can sometimes surprise you with something a little more classy, a little more chic. MKT’s opening night was just such an event. Beautiful people were dressed to impress. Pressed together in the small two-tiered restaurant, an eclectic crowd was hosted in MKT’s market-to-plate style restaurant on a fabulous Monday evening.

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The prosecco was flowing freely as oysters were expertly shucked, each yielding its enticing meat alongside a slightly acidic salsa. Finger foods moved out of the kitchen, trailing the sensuous smells of fresh mushroom risotto or sharp shrimp cocktails. The well-dressed crowd, mostly in black, stood a stark contrast to the sea foam green walls. They flowed among each other and happily engaged with friends, media, and most of all, Chef Marino Tavares. Under his control, MKT was transformed from a restaurant to a hall of revelry worthy of ancient Greece.

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Embraced by the sounds of a live DJ and saxophone player, the partygoers celebrated the opening of MKT in downtown Montreal. The vision of Chef Tavares is to bring the market closer to the consumer. His massive wooden charcuterie table was especially indicative of this desire. Five different meats were laid out with freshly made condiments of pickles, eggplant, and peppers. The pleasure of sliding these into your expecting mouth was exquisite. The salty and thin meat was the perfect accompaniment to the drink and conversation.

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Opening nights are meant to be special. They serve to show just how good a restaurant can be while celebrating the journey from concept to creation that the chef, owner, and investors underwent. As such, it comes as no surprise that MKT’s was a success. Chef Marino Tavares can easily be proud of the wonderful evening he put together and we look forward to trying more of his dishes.

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