Written by Natasha Vincelli on 11.06.18

What makes Canada amazing (other than our maple syrup of course) is our multilateralism and diversity. Especially in a city like Montreal, where, during a simple walk down the street, you can hear people speak in different tongues and clothed in different garments. Our food scene is a particular site of diversity in Montreal, where you can find and taste not only cuisines from around the world but from particular regions or cities.

Les Filles Fattoush [catering launch] (2)

Les Filles Fattoush is Montreal’s newest addition to our diverse gastronomy. The international political climate has forced many Syrian women and families to leave behind their home and seek refuge in other countries. Les Filles Fattoush is a catering company that provides a place where refugee women can not only make an income, but share their amazing culinary gifts with the city.

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The Filles Fattoush’s mission is to help Syrian women integrate into Canadian society but also remain autonomous while preserving their heritage and culture. The wonderful initiative cultivates a community of Syrian women sharing their traditional recipes passed down from generations.

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Les Filles Fattoush is a catering company that serves traditional Syrian food for groups of 8 people or more. Whether for a family get-together, corporate event, or work lunch, they can cater your party. Let’s be real, any recipe that comes from a grandmother – regardless of the ethnic background – is going to be the real deal. Some of their catering options include: fattoush salad, hummus, different kinds of rice, and meat specialties!

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We had the great privilege to try the hummus and if you’re like us and can eat hummus with a spoon – you’re in for a real treat. The babbaghanouj is also exceptional. Vegetarian options are also available. Visit their website to see their full menu options.

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No matter where you are from, you can always count on food to bring people together!

Photos courtesy of Les Filles Fattoush.

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