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Ristorante Beatrice is celebrating its 20th anniversary in style. Although they have changed their name from Bice, expect only the same appreciation for local and seasonal ingredients that they have continuously prided themselves on. As they are celebrating their 20th year in business, which by any restaurant standards is highly exceptional, they have added their limited edition Beatrice Classics dinner menu, which we had the opportunity to enjoy, and is available to the public starting June 12th.

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Beatrice’s décor is chic and modern, as everything in this restaurant has been renovated to bring us the best experience. The very first thing you will notice is their signature green wall on the terrace that has been there since day one (which adds to their Miami inspired atmosphere). While this wall brings elements of the south to Montreal, classic twinkle lights strung from end to end have been added to their ceiling. We think the most impressive new feature to Beatrice’s ambience is the retractable roof that they have added that allows you to take advantage of the short summer months and eat (as they call it “under the stars”).

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We were fortunate to experience many of their signature dishes, which are all modern twists, and adaptations from their classics. Before the meal began, we got to enjoy their newly renovated interior by sitting at the new elongated wood bar which essentially overlooks the entire bottom floor of Beatrice.

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We got to experience their tasting menu, where we got to enjoy a select few of the dishes that will be on their Beatrice Classics menu. First on the menu was their Beef Carpaccio, which was simple but extremely flavourful as the beef was sitting on top of truffle oil topped with shavings of Parmesan cheese and fresh arugula. One thing you’ll notice is that all of their dishes bring in many different flavours that brighten the palate. The salty flavours of the beef and the cheese were balanced by the fresh and sweet flavours of the arugula as well as a hint of earthiness from the truffle oil. All their dishes are composed of ingredients that compliment each other.

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Another classic dish that Beatrice is bringing back is their spinach malfatti, which was absolutely incredible. We’ve never eaten a dumpling that tasted like gnocchi before. What looks like pasta is actually a spinach and ricotta mix that they have perfected. Malfatti translates in Italian to “poorly made” and is a very common dish in the Lombardi region of Italy. We promise you, ordering this dish will remind you of something you’ve eaten in Italy (if you have ever had the opportunity to go).

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Along with their Malfatti was a roasted Chilean sea bass and veal Milanese that were both incredible and are highly recommend.

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For dessert, a classic Molten Lava cake was served and it was rich in chocolate. It came to the table hot, served with a cold scoop of vanilla ice cream that will make you wipe the plate clean.

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Not only has Beatrice been known for its lavish dining experience, but it has now become an iconic piece of the city. Ristorante Beatrice will also continue offering a three-course market-to-table lunch special at $25 from Tuesday to Fridays. If you are looking to take advantage of their classic menu, it will be available until the end of August, so be sure to get there soon!

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1504 Sherbrooke St W, Montreal, QC H3G 1L3
(514) 937-6009

Photos by Ashley MacPhee and Alex Spina (@kitchen__121).

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