Written by Stephania Saridakis on 27.01.14

It’s most definitely the coffee that has people coming back to Café Myriade. Despite the small location, its big bay windows and brick walls create a charming spot that seems to be constantly occupied by an influx of students and the occasional businessman.

When the weather permits, the outside terrace provides the perfect place for people watching. You don’t need to be a coffee aficionado to appreciate the coffee served at Myriade, but you’ll definitely leave here with a little more insight. The staff is constantly sharing their knowledge with its clientele, especially owners Anthony Benda, a Canadian national barista winner and Scott Rao, author of « the professional Barista’s Handbook » and « Everything But Espresso ».

Café Myriade is one of the first cafes to introduce the third wave coffee movement to Montrealers since opening in 2008. Flavour is essential here and the baristas prove that by serving artisanal roasts and paying attention to the quality of bean extraction. There is also a diversity in brew methods; drip coffee, French press, and syphon, to name a few. Syphon coffee or vacuum coffee is a way to preserve the more delicate flavours in coffee that would otherwise be lost in other methods used.

Don’t like coffee? That’s okay; Myriade serves a range of teas, hot chocolate, and a delicious assortment of pastries, including a malted milk donut that is definitely worth the visit.

1432 Mackay St, Montreal, QC H3G 2H7
(514) 939-1717

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